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Stuffer DB aka the database of Stuffers & Gainers! Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time researching how to talk to and interact with women. One day, when I’m confident I’ve become a true expert, I’ll go outside and try to put the moves on a sexy lady, finally losing my virginity. They say having something in common with broads will help a lot, so I’ve spent the morning trying to get off to StufferDB. The girls on this website and I have the same passion: overeating a ton of food to the point of morbid obesity.

I never thought I was into BBWs because my mom has always referred to herself as one. It turns out she’s more of BUW, or Big Ugly Woman. gets a few million views a month, which is way more than the old bag could ever pull if she tried. Hopefully, this means the fat bitches here look a lot better.

Amateur Fat Girls in Slutty Photos

This site is only a few years old, but the layout is some weird, unruly shit that looks like it was built in the mid-90s. It’s jumbled and chaotic, but at least it’s clear what the site is all about. If you’re into fat chicks, you came to the right place. These probably aren’t the kind of broads The Porn Dude is smashing, but they seem a little closer to my league since I’m also really fat.

At the very top of the page are uneven thumbnails for a handful of categories. They have a ton of homebrew BBW smut in their sDB and Amateurs sections. The YouTube section is self-explanatory, as are the Art and Comics. There’s a Before and After area with a couple of thousand progress pics of chicks getting fatter.

Below those are a bunch of teeny, tiny, barely visible thumbnails of BBWs in different states of undress. The pics are small, but they’re big enough that I can already see that most of them aren’t totally naked.

Those microscopic thumbs are the top pics from the last 14 days. Saggy tits, big bellies, huge cottage-cheese thighs, and pretty faces are all wildly popular on the site. I only see a couple of booty shots in this cluster of thumbs, which seems odd but what the fuck do I know about BBW porn? I can tell you the bubble butts I see here look way better than my mom’s disgusting, zitty wall of ass that I’m often forced to clean since she’s now too fat to wipe down there.

Clicking a thumbnail brings you to a gallery view with a larger version. During my visit, StufferDB seemed really slow to load new pages. I had to wait so long between clicks that I started opening all the larger images in new tabs instead of banging my fists in impotent rage. Maybe I’m just hangry because I haven’t had my morning tub of mayonnaise, a complaint I’m sure many of these fatties have experienced firsthand.

Let’s Get Sexy and Fat Together

“Stuffer” in the site’s name refers to stuffing, feeding and gaining fetishes. The site’s content isn’t really focused on the fetish, as you can find all kinds of BBW material. That said, there is a fair amount of stuffing going on here.

One of the first thumbnails I clicked led me to an animated GIF of a lady whose fat rolls spilled out of her lingerie. She sat back in a chair as some dude shoved a handful of cake in her face. Crumbs all around her mouth, she smiles and jiggles her big ol’ belly for the camera.

Goddamn, I have the weirdest motherfucking boner right now. All my life, I’ve enjoyed eating while masturbating, and now I see my two favorite things combined in such a glorious way! The Before and After pics make me wish I’d ever taken selfies. That way I could also share my progression from a normal, healthy human into a corpulent tub of lard.

I ate a whole pizza as I touched myself to pictures and videos of fat girls eating, using the pizza grease as an all-natural and delicious lubricant. I fell in love with a fat girl eating a corn dog and came multiple times to a stretch-marked BBW eating a popsicle in a bikini.

All Kinds of Fatties Showing Off Their Stuff

Spam isn’t a major issue on StufferDB, but there are some “Curated BBW Cams” placed pretty high up on the page. These are clearly sponsored by Chaturbate, but at least the fatties are cute. There’s a little note claiming they’ve excluded nearly 2,000 fake “BBW” camwhores from the list, so they’re looking out for the true chubby chasers.

Scroll past the first set of “curated” cam spam and you’ll start seeing the newest shit on the site. They’ve got thumbnailed lists of recent albums and recent uploads, and all of them feature fat chicks.

The layout may be wild as hell, but the organization of the site starts to make a little more sense the longer you shake your dick at it. BBW models have their own albums filed under Amateurs, sDB Members, Models, and YouTube. If you see a fatty who really gets your Vienna sausage raging, there are probably more pics of her.

Most of the content is photos of chubby girls, fatties, and SSBBWs, but you do find a fair number of videos and animated GIFs as you’re clicking around. The Art and Comics section here is huge but gets relatively low placement on the front page. They’re excluded from the big wall of new shit, with the latest Art uploads limited to one row out front, near the bottom of the page.

Neckbeard Rage About BBW Art and Comics

As a proud neckbeard with an extensive collection of Dragon Ball Z doujinshi where Goku is a gender-swapped BBW who loves fisting, I take issue with the comics being almost hidden here. They should be proudly displayed at the very top of the screen, like how my anime princess body pillow sits on top of a pile of garbage at the bottom of my stairs. Nobody ever actually comes down into my basement lair, but if they did, she’s the first thing they’d see.

The Art and Comics section on StufferDB is surprisingly full, with more than 12,000 pieces of content. It breaks down into a wide range of categories, so you can get your fatty art in a bunch of formats. Beat off to Sculptures of BBWS or 3D models of EEE models. The Comics area has over 6,000 files in 222 albums.

There’s a whole section of Photoshop morphs. Most of them are photos of fat chicks who have been made even fatter through the magic of technology. Some of them are pretty realistic and you wouldn’t even know they’re fake. Others are amateur as fuck, with sloppy warp lines all over the background. I jerked off to one and had flashbacks to the time I thought about buying acid online with bitcoin, but spent it on breast inflation Sailor Moon hentai.

My mom’s thunderous footsteps upstairs are shaking the dust from my ceiling again, but I’m less bothered by it than normal. In fact, it’s adding to the immersion as I read some hentai about a tiny little chick getting really super fat. Instead of my mom waddling around up there, I’m picturing this cute manga broad with tits like beanbag chairs shaking the goddamn house.

Relatively Softcore Selfies and BBW Nudes

One of the biggest complaints you perverts are going to have about StufferDB is that the content isn’t all that hardcore. You’ll definitely see some X-rated shit that will offend the other customers at Starbucks, but most of the pics are softcore nudes. Even the videos are tame, for the most part. You’re more likely to watch a short movie of a girl eating an actual donut than taking a hot creampie. may not be your average free archive of hardcore pornography, but it’s certainly going to appeal to you chubby chasers out there. Not only is the collection of BBW pics, GIFs and vids growing constantly, but there’s a thriving community of amateurs here who’d love it if you would crank off to their fat selfies and webcam vids. Show a fat girl some love today.

PornGeek likes StufferDB

  • Huge archive of bbw photos, art, gifs and videos
  • Constant updates
  • Real community of chubby amateurs and chubby chasers
  • Minimal spam

PornGeek hates StufferDB

  • Ugly layout
  • Tons of spammy cam links
  • Relatively softcore content