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I had my fair share of experiences growing up. However, one accidental voyeur experience a while ago stands out. Sex was still a total mystery to me since my parents had successfully kept me from virtually any contact with girls by confining me to a boys-only school. One day I lost the key to my bike, and I had to walk home, which was 20 minutes away from school. My dad was not happy that I had left the bike as it was only three months old. So he gave me the spare to my bike’s padlock and asked me to collect it. By that time it was already dusk although the school gates were not locked until 7 o’clock.

Once I got near the bike sheds across the school playground, I started hearing some muffled voices. As I got nearer, I realized the sounds were coming from behind the shed, and I quickly found a hole in the rotten wood (bike sheds were in a dilapidated state) to look through. Before I could get a good vantage point, I heard a female voice saying ‘come on, put it in’ and then some giggling.

What a surprise! They were not more than 6 feet away from my secret spot, and I could clearly see our English teacher, an admittedly attractive girl not older than 22, leaning on the wall with her skirt up around her waist and knickers on her ankles. The boy was standing between her legs and his pants halfway down, and I could see his cock glistening as it was encased in a condom. By now my heart was beating so loudly I feared they were going to hear me. Needless to say, my cock felt as though it was ready to burst through my trousers.

I stayed there long enough to see the gleaming condom in and out as the boy, who was a couple of years ahead of me, started pumping hard into her. I’m not sure how long it went on, probably a few minutes, but the boy was there, right in front of my eyes, fucking the teacher! By the time I got home, my heart was still pounding with excitement, and I went straight to the bathroom and jerked off to the memories of what I had just witnessed.

To cut a long story short, that’s how I found myself hooked to voyeurism. Luckily, ThePornDude always comes through for me in such situations, and this time, he presented a site promising the best voyeur experience; one that has zero risks of getting caught. Can it match my first-hand experience almost two decades ago? Let’s find out.

Quick summary

The site I’m about to tell you about is, which is a live voyeur cam style site where sexy amateurs (and their friends) live in wired apartments where you get to see everything going on in the apartments as the couples eat, sleep, watch TV, shower, change, fuck, party, yeah you get the idea. The girls are going topless a lot, and you are likely to find them naked almost every time you visit. In any case, what’s better than people getting dirty, raunchy, and explicit for your viewing (and fapping) pleasure?

The site is owned by Caspa Ltd although its location is unknown. It was launched in 2017, so it’s a relatively new entrant in the business and has an Alexa ranking of around 20,000th globally across all categories based on traffic. It is mostly popular in Germany, UK, France, and Italy.

Where voyeurism meets exhibitionism

It goes without saying that for us real voyeurs to fulfill our twisted desires, there has to be a bunch of exhibitionists willing to be surrounded by cameras 24/7. That’s precisely what you get at There are currently 15 couples, all sexy and good looking, surrounded by cameras from practically every angle. You are looking at just over 100 or so streams available. If you head over there right now, you will see what they are up to this very moment which could be a girl masturbating with a huge dildo, stripping off and lounging around, riding her man’s meat pole and more. Unlike my English teacher, these girls want you to see them get nasty.

It’s so refreshing for me to be looking at all those cameras with the safe knowledge that I won’t get caught. Years later, it still feels good to spy on people having sex, especially when I still have no idea how a real pussy tastes like. Maybe it has everything to do with my loser mentality. I’ll have to get tips from ThePornDude since he is way more prolific with twats.

The free features

Even before you create an account and dip into your wallet, you can still browse each apartment and check out 1-3 unlocked cameras in each as a non-member. This obviously locks you out of other areas of the apartments where steamy romps might be taking place, but it’s not a bad way to start. That’s actually how I started myself.

The cost of watching

It’s pretty straightforward at; you’re either a free/guest without an account or a premium, subscribing member with access to everything. With a premium account, you get full access to all rooms at all times. The exclusive content can start out in a living room on the couch, move to a bedroom, or even happen right on the kitchen counter. You can take a look at different cameras wherever and whenever you want.

Sometimes the cameras can go off when the participants move or for maintenance. In other times, the lights will flick off, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the experience because all cameras shoot at 1080p and are well primed to capture everything even in dark conditions.

Apart from unlimited streaming, allows you to jump back in time if you missed any of the action courtesy of the replay feature. There is no missing a minute of the action.

A premium account will cost you $30 for 30 days although the rates drop to $20 if you take the 6-months membership. With most of the action taking place in the bedrooms, you won’t have a choice but to grab that membership because bedrooms and other high action areas are preserved for registered members. Even broke fucks will find the membership worth it, especially when the reward is seeing people masturbating or fucking in real-time.

Clean web design

You are likely to come across some pretty filthy action, but the same cannot be said of the site’s design, which is as clean as they come. Everything is where it’s supposed to be, and the site is pretty easy to navigate. You can easily cruise through to see whether the participants are just taking a nap, idling on the couch, or in the middle of some hard fucking. The mobile site is also perfectly optimized and offers a similarly high-quality voyeur experience.

Reasons to love

24/7 voyeur action; get a front-row seat view of what goes on in the lives of sexy and horny couples as they go about their daily lives with everything recorded on camera for your viewing pleasure.

Replays; don’t fret if you missed the action for whatever reasons as the site has recorded the steamiest action available to be replayed whenever you wish.

1080p HD streaming; the action is available in stunning qualities, and users can look forward to a high-quality voyeur experience.

Wide Variety of Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl Couples; there is plenty of heterosexual action, but members can expect to see nasty lesbians getting frisky too. There is also a fair share of solo action.

Reasons to hate

No English subtitles; the participants seem to be Russian (or at least Eastern Europe) based on the languages I heard them speak. Unfortunately, no English subtitled are offered.

No info about participants; there is simply no way to know anything about the participating couples. Not even basic background information.

How the site can improve

For $30, I was expecting some more user features, and the site would be well advised to incorporate motion detection, auto-follow, and the ability to record live cams into their voyeur experience.

Also, many people are interested in more than the sex side of things, and English subtitles would be a really nice addition.

Final word

Overall, Camarads brings a nice spin to live cameras that take care of people that love to creep, peep, wait, and watch some filthy action. The participants know they are being recorded and will go on with the flow with the action coming to you in full HD. Just check out the free cams before you graduate into paid peeping for some premium Peeping Tom experience.

PornGeek likes Camarads

  • 24/7 voyeur action
  • Replays
  • 1080p HD streaming
  • Wide Variety of Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl Couples

PornGeek hates Camarads

  • No English subtitles
  • No info about participants