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Porno Uploads! There was a time, not so long ago, when I had to endure more than a few embarrassing seconds at the video store to get my hands on porn every time I wanted a quick masturbatory thrill. You can, therefore, imagine my sigh of relief when everything became digitized and I can now discreetly retreat to my computer to watch all the porn I want. No facing a video store clerk or such embarrassing situations. You see, times have changed and gone are the days when I had to jump through hoops to get porn. I don’t even have to be moneyed to get off, all I need is to know my way around free porn sites, and I can assure you that after 2 decades of beating meat, I’m more than capable.

With time though, I’ve had to seek new thrills. Sometimes I’m just bored with what porn films call ‘plots’ which in reality is a pathetic explanation of why two people are having sex. It kinda reminds me of my small prick and my laughable inability to break my virginity well into my 30s. And why would I be up all night wondering what witty dialogue led to “Eva Notty taking it in the ass like a champ” anyway? At times all I need is a porn GIF to quickly get my rocks off, and I can go back to fantasizing about fucking my sister.

The site I’m about to introduce to you today features steamy porn GIFs and tons of sexy pictures specifically for people with no time (or will) to follow a porn plot. I’m talking about, which apart from having some saucy fap materials, it’s completely free. No need to key in your credit card number to jerk off. Not even that two-day trial other sites offer you when in reality you are just paying for a couple of fap sessions.

If the site name has not given it away already, all the content here is user uploaded, which is a perfect opportunity to stroke your wiener to what other horny dogs have found fapworthy. There is nothing but gifs and pictures here and if like me you are looking for a quick wank, read the full review.

From the homepage downwards

The moment you land on Porno Uploads’ homepage, you are welcomed by a bunch of naked women exposing different parts of their bodies that are sure to create some commotions in your pants. However, I wasn’t expecting to see a couple of women being fucked doggy style by…wait for it, dogs! That’s right. The pervs who upload these materials didn’t get the memo that bestiality is illegal. I may not have tasted pussy yet, but I’m backing myself to do a better job than canine’s pricks. Other girls clearly have other ideas.

Another thing that stands out is the ladies; they all look sexy and fuckable, but they are all Caucasians. I don’t know whether I’m in a position to make demands, but mixing up the races a bit would be more appealing to porn lovers. Throw in some Asians, some chocolate pussies, some mature women, and stuff for crying out loud. But I’m sure ThePornDude has already requested for those, and be sure they will be availed soon. Anyway, there sure seems to be some promise and Porno Uploads looks like a perfect place to beat meat.

Clean and straightforward layout

There is nothing too outstanding about the site’s design, to be honest, but it gets the job done, which is the least I’d have hoped for. However, I don’t like that there are too many images on the homepage. How did anyone think this was going to be a good idea? Just a few sexy photos would do the trick.

Anyway, I’ll stop bitching for a while and talk about the rest of the page. One thing that I absolutely loved is the option to change the bright background into ‘dark mode’ that’s obviously kinder to my eyes, especially because I love masturbating at night. On the top right is an upload button for those with stash they’d like share with other pervs. There is also a basic search feature for those with a specific way they like their gifs/photos.

Porno Uploads also has a few tabs; one for the categories, videos, rewards, and a link to the best porn sites which actually redirects to The Porn Dude. I told y’all this guy is the ultimate porn god. Like mentioned, the site is all about photos and gifs and the videos tabs actually directs to another site.

There are goodies to be won!

I’ll talk about the aforementioned rewards tab. Apparently, Porno Uploads rewards users just for using the site. No kidding. Once you’ve reached a particular milestone of points, you can use them to gain free membership to any adult website or use for the money-off vouchers against sex toys on Use the drop-down menu beside the Rewards tab and know all you need on how to earn points. For starters, registering earns you a solid 10 points while a daily visit, login, viewing an image and other automatic activities you will inevitably do while on the site earns you a point. Interesting times.

Appreciate the diversity

The homepage makes it look like the site is all about white girls, but the Categories tab is proof that Porno Uploads has a far more diverse collection than the homepage suggests. I wasn’t expecting a lot from the categories, to be honest, but I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the categories you can expect include amateur, anal, Asian, ebony, MILF, threesome, gangbang, cumshot, and BDSM, among others. There is a good mixture of vanilla and kinky content, and if you love seeing girls tied up, getting whipped and being brutally fucked in the ass, there is enough of that here.

The collection also doesn’t discriminate against other sexual orientations and to go with the straight, you can expect some lesbian and shemale stuff as well. Whichever category you pick, there is bound to be sufficient fap content for you to shed some losers from your sperm bank. Remember you can sort the content by latest, trending, hot, and random post.

Easy upload process

Uploading content at Porno Uploads is easy. Simply click on the Uploads tab on the top right where the site gives you the options to upload a story with texts and images, images (JPG, PNG, & GIF) audio, video, and a collection of images. There is a catch, though; you will have to be a registered member. However, registering is easy, and all you need is to fill a few fields, and the account will be set for you in no time. That said, apart from being able to upload materials, there doesn’t appear to be other benefits of going through the process. Maybe you could give them the benefit of doubt.

The best of Porno Uploads

Free to use; the best thing about the site is users don’t have to pay anything to enjoy the content. Everything is available for the unbeatable price of free.

Tons of XXX materials; the site is solely dedicated to gifs and photos, but they are available in sizable quantities, and users can look forward to a substantial archive.

Categories; the collection is diverse enough and spread across multiple niches, including a good collection of lesbian and Trans content.

The worst of Porno Uploads

Awful design; the site’s design leaves a lot to be desired and could use a better organization of content.

Ads; to be fair, the ads have been kept to a minimum, but they will pop up as you browse, which can be a real mood killer.

Annoying redirects; careful with where you click as the site is laden with links that direct to some awful third party sites.

How the site can improve

The site is all about gifs and quick wanks, but they should at least add some videos that don’t necessarily redirect to other hosting websites.

The content arrangement could also be way better. The site could start by improving the awful design and getting rid of excess photos on the homepage.

The money shot

If like me, you occasionally prefer the joys of fapping to gifs, Porno Uploads should prove a perfect destination for you. There is plenty of content and little to no ads, while the content covers diverse genres. The design could use some improvement, but when everything is available for free, there is nothing to lose by checking out the site.

PornGeek likes PornoUploads

  • Free to use
  • Tons of XXX materials
  • Categories

PornGeek hates PornoUploads

  • Awful design
  • Ads
  • Annoying redirects