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Incest Vidz! It wasn’t that long ago when porn genres were so extremely varied that you had to go to a specific niche website to find anything that wasn’t a standard blowjob scene. It used to be that tube porn sites had nothing but classic sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation – and yet they wore condoms. The more out-there smut was hidden away. You had to go out of your way to find it, especially if you were a particular flavor of pervert.

Then came the niche genres, pushing their way into the limelight. Suddenly, every site featured boss and secretary vids, with a few masturbating at the office scenes. Then came the “sucking my brother’s cock” vids and I remember vividly the day I first found a video with that exact title. It was shot from the brother’s point of view, and the girl was whispering things into the camera’s “ear” like “I’ve seen you watching me. I know you want it. Mom and dad will never know.”.

Whether that super incestuous Folger’s Coffee ad from back in the day had anything to do with it, I do not know. What I do know is that when I watched that video, it blew me away. Personally, I’m an only child so the brother sister thing surely wasn’t drawing any parallels for me. But the fact that it felt wrong still got across. And the way that this girl was looking into the camera lustfully made all the difference for me. It was the first time I was ever that hard in my life. I came before she even got to take her clothes off. It was amazing.

It would appear that I wasn’t the only one to notice that these videos becoming mainstream was a good thing, like a public service for dongs everywhere. Everyone from ThePornDude to the most popular tube sites were talking about these faux-incest videos, and ads that were usually reserved to viagra commercials and blowjob vids, were now exclusively saved for “Your stepsister will make you beg for it”, and similar taglines.

I’m assuming that the step-sister thing in ads, as opposed to just saying “Your sister” had something to do with incest being illegal in most places in the modern world, but one way or another the niche broke straight through to the main home pages of every goddamn porn site in the world.

But alas, tube porn sites will never be 100% incest themed, because they have to cover every fetish under the sun. So when I’m in the mood for this particular flavor of depravity, I still need to branch off from conventional tube sites and find me a specific, incest themed video site. So I went to ThePornDude and I asked for his help and he said, “Go to IncestVidz, my child, and thou shalt find what thou art looking for”. He talks like that. All Gods talk like that. So I did what he said, I hopped onto IncestVidz, and my penis hasn’t felt harder or guiltier since.

A Naughty Roleplay for Incels Everywhere

As an involuntary celibate little twink like myself, IncestVidz is a dream come to life. It’s a singular free tube site, devoted entirely to incest porn. It’s not part of some cross-network conspiracy to get you to sign up for more smut of other flavors. Nope. This place is all about the incest, 24/7. They’re constantly bringing you new videos in that niche, from daddy-daughter to mommy-son with brother-sister sprinkled in between. Once in a blue moon, an uncle or aunt will get thrown in for good measure. Just like that you’ve got the perfect family cocktail to reminisce about when you’re at family reunions, feeling super guilty about your mind drifting off into space and landing squarely on smut. You’ll never be able to hug your aunt and uncle without cringing every again.

But it’s important to remember that it’s not your aunt and uncle you’re imagining fucking you sideways. – It’s other people’s family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s the odd pervert here and there who’s actually obsessed with fucking his own mother or some shit and IncestVidz is the only release that person gets in their miserable little life. Not me though. I wouldn’t fuck my mother if you paid me.

But watching other people fuck their mothers, whether it’s fake or otherwise, that’s some quality primo shit that even ThePornDude couldn’t turn down. This is the real smut hole for perverts everywhere. I wouldn’t recommend that you talk too much about your incest fetish though, because eventually that information will get to your family members and it will make the aforementioned reunions absolutely insufferable. Keep that shit to yourself, and in the late nights, jack your dick off until it’s swollen to within an inch of its tiny life.

Reality is Overrated

I mentioned that the videos on IncestVidz may or may not be real incest. Whether this is legal in some states or not is irrelevant, we’re here to cover the smut and remain unbiased. The bottom line is that you never have a way of knowing whether incest videos are real, unless you are specifically watching twins fingering each other’s assholes, or that one video of Mia Malkova sucking dick while her mother watches.

Beyond that, all the videos on IncestVidz are basically Schrodinger’s Incest, where it may or may not be real until you Google the people’s actual names. But because most of these videos are made either by amateurs or by porn stars you couldn’t possibly find in a directory, tough luck figuring out whether they’re real.

But it doesn’t matter whether the people in the vids are really related, because it’s the roleplay that sells it. That’s the whole point. You don’t care whether they’re faked, as long as the performers do a decent job selling it. Like that brother sister video I mentioned earlier, it was a masterpiece of masturbation for me because the girl really sold me on the idea that she was feeling horny and guilty. That’s what we play for – sexual arousal and guilt. Those are the two ingredients in quality incest porn.

The Technical Stuff

For a website that’s based entirely around a relatively new fetish, IncestVidz.Com gives me a very strong sense of nostalgia. The entire site is … plain. It’s super plain. It’s entirely white with zero decorations and most of the screen is dedicated to smut, listed lovingly for you to sift through.

I’m not a huge fan of the plain approach, but anything that keeps unnecessary garbage away from my eyes so that I can focus on the porn can’t be a bad thing. On top of that they’ve got a home bar that you can only really get away with using on an incest themed site. The main buttons, I shit you not, are Mom-Son, Brother-Sister and Father-Daughter. It’s like the holy trinity of incest porn.

Of course there’s also a lesbian tab, a group tab and an other tab, for all the rest of the miscellaneous incest smut that they couldn’t shove into a group. Either way, they let you sort right off the bat, in case you really really need to stay away from mommy-son porn like I do. That shit will scar you for life, especially if you’re a basement dweller who lives with his mom – like I am.

Beyond that I’ll say that even though the ads on IncestVidz are necessary to keep the site free and enjoyable for everyone, I don’t like how often you get pop-ups. They’re really intrusive. However, I only found them to be super annoying on the home page, which is great because once you get to an actual video you want to enjoy, they won’t whizz past your face while you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

And finally, I gotta praise IncestVidz for having a feature that is still not that common among tube sites. Not even the biggest tube sites let you download their videos unless you sign up for a premium subscription. Well, there’s none of that garbage here. They know that whether you’re browsing or downloading, the bandwidth they waste on you is exactly the same. So if you’d like to save a particularly saucy video, you can. You can download their entire library if you’d like, though it would hurt your mouse clicking finger. But if you’ve got a bunch of mobile devices and you like to travel, why not grab the hottest vids that have gotten you particularly hard, just in case you’re ever shit out of luck without internet, in the middle of nowhere. Take incest porn with you on the go, on the train, on a plane, and leave a cum stain, wherever you go.

PornGeek likes IncestVidz

  • Dedication to Incest Porn
  • Simple Design
  • You can download videos
  • Relatively high quality

PornGeek hates IncestVidz

  • Pop-up ads are always going to be a no-no