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Donk Party! I have nothing against professional porn. But there is just something about seeing professional fuckers strutting their stuff and riding cocks like their lives depend on it (because mostly, it does). I like pretending I know the people in the movie, and after such a long dalliance with porn, I almost feel like I personally know many of the pornstars, and I actually envy the numerous dicks that not only get to violate their sumptuous sin slits but also get paid for it. However, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, they look like they’d rather be elsewhere and take it a tad too far with their fake moans I almost wonder if it will give me a phony hard-on, never mind I can’t keep my dick up for five minutes.

My small, virgin cock aside, I absolutely love amateur porn. Granted, some amateur videos look like they are recorded with a shoebox, but few things turn me on more than seeing a fresh-faced babe getting her pussy rammed on camera for the first time. The thing with amateurs is they are less likely to be all screechy and obnoxious and even better, the girls are actually horny and want to get laid. Shit, how do you guys convince girls to fuck you on camera? I’d give anything to learn that course. ThePornDude seems to think that it all starts with actually moving out of my dark, stingy abode, but that’s easier said than done.

Anyway, that’s something I’ll have to seriously consider sooner or later, but for now, I have found an amazing amateur porn destination that has plenty of hot amateur pussies ready to help me go about my daily bashing the bishop routine. If like me you are interested in seeing housewives cheating on their husbands and amateur girls getting the meat rod for the first time on camera, stick around for the full review of DonkParty, which seems like it has a respectable supply of incredibly naughty videos and galleries to put me in the mood. I’m about to go deep into the juicy details that will surely catch your attention.

It’s a full amateur party

Well, what is this party all about? DonkParty has that amateur vibe even before you take a closer look. There is nothing to sweep you off your feet in terms of first impressions, but at least it’s straightforward, and I’m sure you are not visiting the site to take tips on innovation. You are obviously here to see amateurs fucking which is largely what you get. The site takes you straight to where the party is, and I could pick numerous scenes including two girls flipping their beans to see who will cum the hardest, another girl’s first time (and painful) anal, and a dude letting his friend rip his girlfriend’s pussy to shreds among others. Judging by the number of views in the scenes, this place is teeming with homemade porn-loving freaks who can’t get enough of the supply. I’m about to become one of them.

Something else you should know is DonkParty is a porn tube, and none of the smut is actually hosted on their servers. The videos are sourced from other sites, and clicking on a video will direct you to the hosting site from where the quality and other streaming options may vary. However, there is enough free smut here to keep you interested.

Revamping the design would be a great honor

I know you are not here for the site’s aesthetics, but to be honest, DonkParty looks a bit dated with scenes presented in average looking thumbnails against a boring white and black background. Granted, that won’t stop you from easily accessing the content which is the most important thing, but adding some bit of visual appeal wouldn’t do the site any harm.

Luckily, I was still able to access the content without much hassle, and you should do it as well. The header menu allows you to access content via the home button, videos, galleries, categories, porn stars, and a link to The Porn Dude. These guys pay homage to the leading porn directory after all! There is also a search feature if you know what you came here for. Use the Submit button on the top-right if you have a collection of XXX amateur videos you’d like to share with the world. You only need a name, email, content URL and a short description. The site clearly wants to boost the numbers and is encouraging you to submit content. Ultimately, there are enough browsing tools to help you get your hands on the kind of filthy amateur fuck flick you are seeking.

That said, I’d have appreciated the options to sort the content by length or quality although I wasn’t expecting too many HD porn scenes here since the content is largely amateur and homemade. You can, therefore, expect to come across some grainy scenes with others borderline mediocre. At least all the vids I watched streamed pretty well although the majority run below 20 minutes.

Browse the collection by categories

The collection at DonkParty is not really massive like I’ve seen on other porn tubes, but the team has still decided to make it easy for you to access the content by your favorite niche. Use the categories option in the header menu and browse the content by threesome, ass, amateur, anal, college, blowjob, squirt, and threesome, among others. Each category allows you to sort the videos by most recent, most viewed, or most commented. Whatever you are looking for, as long as it’s legal, they have it here. They even have a category called WTF with some kinky content like a dude fucking his tipsy mother. Where do these guys even get such courage from?

Enjoy the mouthwatering galleries

Besides the videos, there is a collection of erotic galleries in case you need a quick fap and don’t have time to follow a video for the money shot. There are hundreds of XXX galleries each with a bunch of photos although they sadly can’t be downloaded in zip. You will have to make do with manually scrolling through and downloading one image at a time. However, you can sort them by newest, top-rated, and most replies.

I was pleased by the option to browse the content by pornstars, but I was disappointed that individual model pages have no portfolio and apart from a bunch of the videos they’ve featured in, you get little else. In retrospect, the reasons could be most of the girls are amateurs and inevitably, not a lot is known about them. They include unfamiliar names like Haley Ryder, Chloe Night, Lucy Cat, and Anny Aurora, among others.

Things to love about DonkParty

Authentic amateur content; all the videos are strictly amateur with no professionally produced smut insight. Oh, and they all look authentic.

Free; well, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Categories; the collection is available in multiple niches, and whichever taste you crave, you should find something to blow a load too.

X-rated galleries; to go along with the mouthwatering amateur videos, users can also browse the hundreds of erotic galleries.

Possible concerns

Annoying ads; this largely goes with the free porn territory, but the ads will prove an unwanted distraction.

Awful design; the site has a bland and boring design that could use some revamping.

How DonkParty can improve

For starters, the dated interface could use some revamp because apparently, I think porn connoisseurs are also interested in how the site looks in addition to the nature of the content. Also, the site could try and be more forthcoming about their update schedule, you know, to give members a heads up on when some new hot sauce comes in. Besides, maybe they should try and fix the traumatic Ads situation, after all, they’ve got good stuff coming in, and awesome delivery shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Final verdict

If you are looking for some hot, authentic amateur content, look no further than DonkParty. There is a decent collection of videos and erotic galleries to check out with everything available for free. Users can also browse the content by categories, and although the design and overall content presentation could be better, the whole collection does the amateur niche justice and is worth taking a look into.

PornGeek likes DonkParty

  • Authentic amateur content
  • Free
  • Categories
  • X-rated galleries

PornGeek hates DonkParty

  • Annoying ads
  • Awful design