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I like my cuties flat-chested and cuter than a button! Give me a lineup of hotties and odds are I’ll pick the petite loli girl every single time. Sure, those MILFs with big breasts, wide hips, and sexy smiles are great and all…but there’s just something so innocent and taboo about these loli girls. I know I shouldn’t be fapping to them all day every day, but that just adds to the thrill of it. It’s like forbidden love! Just imagining a cute loli with those tight little princess parts and tiny, suckable toes get me harder than any other porn out there.

Call me a creep or a freak or whatever else. I don’t care anymore. Girls already call me that for taking innocent upskirt pictures of them on the train. I’m used to it. It’s not like I can be a stud like ThePornDude and get any girl my age anyway. At least with lolis, I can fantasize without it getting ruined by ThePornDude reminding me that I’ll never be with a hot waifu. Finally, something that is all my own.

Lolis, Lolis, and More Lolis!

And there aren’t many sites dedicated to these forbidden peaches. So many sites out there don’t allow it, put that content behind a paywall, or something else to make it harder to access. Thankfully, I found a site called that is run by a single artist who makes practically nothing except cute loli porn. It’s a dream come true! The artist has been working on stuff since around 2015, but the site itself launched at the very end of 2016 and currently brings in right around a million fappers every single month. That’s a ton for a single person to be bringing in.

Stunning Site Design With No Ads at All

I love the site design! It has this minimal logo of a cute loli bending over and showing off her fuzzy little peach. And then there are two more lolis on top of the site acting like they are sucking someone off. I instantly imagined it was me. I bet their tiny hands would finally make me feel as hung and alpha as ThePornDude…there I go again getting off track thinking of him. Anyway, the site has a pink and gray theme that is incredibly well done. No ads on the site at all. The entire site looks sleek, modern, and well put together.

There’s a header up top with links to a Discord server, blog/news posts, and an FAQ. Up in the top left corner, there’s a button that takes you to the bottom of the site page so you don’t have to scroll all the way down, and then it will even take you right back to the top. That’s pretty handy. And I like that the whole site message is “cute girls that make you feel good.” That’s a saying I can get behind!

Very Frequent Weekly Updates

And this isn’t some artist who never updates stuff either. You get new, free content every single week. Sketches are uploaded on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, line art on Wednesdays/Thursdays, and finished pages get uploaded on Fridays. That way you always have some new cute loli content to look forward to every couple of days. Below that upload schedule, you can browse through a current list of recent updates to the site.

Right now he is working on a series called “Pet with Benefits” and a very long ongoing project called “Sultry Summer” that takes place in the Ben 10 universe. Every update has a short description of what it is whether that be a page, a sketch, or a complete upload of the comic series so far. For older content that may not have been uploaded recently, you’ll have to hop down to the bottom of the site.

Check out Illustrations, Ongoing Series, and Completed Comics

There you can find a list of illustrations like complete “Loli Club” calendars of all the best petite, flat-chested little girls showing off their naughty bits for each month. I sure know what calendars I’ll be using from now on! You can also find other completed comic series for hot stuff like Avatar the Last Airbender, The Boondocks, Star Wars, Naruto, and The Incredibles just to name a few of them.

From there you have to pick one and dive in. I know, I know, it’s so hard to choose. There are so many cute loli girls on here that it’s nearly impossible to pick one. But I went with Sultry Summer since that one has the most pages. And wow the pages are huge. I should mention that the artwork is more western, but I still love it. Not all lolis need to be cute hentai girls. I can get down with some rule34 style loli cuties spreading their legs and showing off their oh so pink flowers.

Easy to Navigate Comic Viewer With High-Resolution Images

You can save any of the pages pretty easily, and there are handy tools that let you jump to any page in the comic. And the site even allows you to flip through with arrow keys! Finally, I can fap with one hand while browsing these hot loli comics with the other. It’s perfect. You can also pull up a gallery of previews if you want to sort that way. And if you leave a comment odds are that the artist himself will actually respond to you. There is also an option to open up any page in a separate window for the full resolution. You can see every little detail of these cuties!

Easy to Use Mobile Site

The mobile site was great. I was worried that it wouldn’t be. Sometimes sites run by a single artist or team really only focus on the desktop experience. But here they make the mobile site just as fun and easy to use as the desktop version. All of the comics load up fullscreen. You can’t swipe through, but the navigational buttons are easy to click on. And it’s not like you have to worry about accidentally hitting any ads because, well, there aren’t any at all on the site. But I really enjoyed the mobile experience. It’s great being able to take my favorite lolis with me no matter where I am!

PornGeek’s Favorite Features

Lolis! All of the amazing loli porn! I never find sites dedicated to these forbidden cuties. It’s like a dream come true for me. I can finally fap my heart out to as many of these cuties as I want to without worrying about subscriptions, profiles, paywalls, or ads. The site itself is so well done, too. It’s modern, sleek, and free of any ad clutter that would ruin the experience. The only real downside is that it’s all done by one artist, so you don’t get the same variety that you would somewhere else. But I’ll take quality over quantity when it comes to loli girls any day of the week.

PornGeek’s Suggestions

Oh man, this is a tough one. I don’t think I have any suggestions for the site at all. They do everything so well and have a full catalog of my favorite kind of content ever. The only small thing I can think of is having a login/signup button up top. You get prompted to make an account when you comment, but that’s the only time. With an account, I could save comics to read later, view a reading list, and a bunch of other cool stuff. It wouldn’t be too hard to add in either. Most sites have it. Or even a place to donate to the site like a Patreon link. It’s weird that he doesn’t have those options. I want to support all of this hot loli porn with what little allowance I get!

PornGeek’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a very unique site with hot loli content that you definitely won’t find anywhere else. The art style is so cute, there aren’t any ads at all on the site, you don’t need to pay to fap to these cuties, and the artist will even respond to your comments and suggestions. You really can’t beat that level of interaction. And most sites will make you jump through a dozen hoops before you get access to these innocent loli girls. Not here! You get mountains of hot content. Go check it out over at!

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  • Rule34 Comics of Cute Loli Girls
  • Frequent Uploads
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  • Excellent Site Design on Mobile and Desktop