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I’ve never attempted to disguise the fact that I love porn. There is no shame in masturbating to porn either. Well, that, of course, excepts my case of having porn as the only thing I have figured out in my life. Trust me, I have been trying to get my shit together but like pretty much everything in my life, I’m failing terribly, and I find myself on the prowl looking for the next video to help me blow a load. My misery is further compounded by the fact that I’m a fat, ugly prick that girls wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. It would certainly help if I were a fit, good looking guy like ThePornDude, which is why he gets to bed the kind of girls I only see in my dreams.

I’ve learned something about porn throughout the years. Just like many things in life, to get the best quality, you have to pay. It’s more like sex going by the tales I get from my sexually active friends (I have quite a few). Apparently, if you want to bang the juiciest punani, you must be willing to invest some money which is why I’ll probably end up a virgin. There are millions of free porn sites on the internet, but like a true porn addict, I know that the best quality comes from the pay-to-watch stuff which comes in the highest possible quality, allowing me to take in the action in HD.

Someone told me that spending money to pay for porn is stuff for losers. Why pay to watch other people fucking when you can pay a prostitute to give you the time of your life? Therein comes the challenge; sometimes I can’t even afford the $30 or so bucks it takes to grab a membership to most premium sites, which has led me to look for various ways of jerking the gherkin to premium smut for free. Of course, ThePornDude was around to help, and he recommended a place with the hottest, highest quality porn that I can stroke my meat rod to for free. This place is known as 0xxx.ws, and I’m going to spend the next couple of hours closely looking at their wares to see if they have my favorite kind of fuck flicks.

The ‘best 0 day porn source’?

First of all, what is 0 day? In layman’s language, it’s when porn videos are published for the first time, and they get stolen by crackers who take advantage of a vulnerability the people running the sites (where the content is stolen) are not yet aware of to share the videos on another platform. I will refrain from talking about the legality of such an action. I’d rather talk about porn, thank you very much.

0xxx.ws is an O day website who claim to be the best in the genre. Does the content support their bold statement? That’s what we are about to find out. If you are still confused on how 0xxx.ws conducts its business, they basically suck the content out of popular premium XXX websites without them knowing until the teams running the sites realize someone is leeching the content, which by the way you’d have to pay through your nose for, and availing them for horny [and possibly broke] freaks like myself and whoever is reading this.

Now that we are on the same page, that’s basically how 0xxx.ws gets all the content you will find here, meaning you are getting a truckload of premium kind of smut for free while others are being charged to access it. I knew it, ThePornDude is never wrong about these things and you ignore his wisdom at your own peril. The content is available in links where you can easily download and masturbate to the mouthwatering videos without paying a dime for them. I’m all for paying for porn to support the industry, but occasionally, if I get the chance to get my hands filthy on high-quality smut without having to pay for it, even the porn industry should forgive me for being tempted.

Strictly no streaming materials

There is something you should know from the offset; if you came here looking for videos to stream, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your needs will be better off sorted elsewhere. All the videos here are only available for download but considering you are getting your hands on content produced by leading players in the industry like Fake Driving Schools, Evil Angel, Femjoy, Zero Tolerance, Asshole Fever, Fitness Rooms, and First Anal Quest among others, there is no reason to complain.

The content is presented by way of download links that come with details, including the quality (720p, 1080p, and 2160p), the production house, size, and date of release. The number of scenes per day merely is insane. I could count over 60 scenes on the first page alone uploaded on the day of writing this. You can see a fantastic picture preview of the scene you are about to download by just hovering your mouse pointer over the download link.

There is something to note; nothing is actually hosted on 0xxx.ws. Downloading the content takes you to destinations like Rapid Gator, Keep 2 Share, Uploaded, Share-Online and Open Load. You will be required to pay some money to get reasonable speeds and volume although some of the destinations (like Open Load) are pretty good with free downloads. Granted, you won’t be able to grab an entire site, but when you can download 2 or 3 videos an hour, it’s pretty reasonable. Alternatively, you can pay around $10 for a premium account to any of the file hosts and get unlimited access. Keep 2 Share allows you to stream the videos, but only at qualities not exceeding 360p.

I would sit here all day and talk about the merits of downloading porn to your computer, and while there is always a risk of someone finding your stash, nothing beats having a collection of premium quality smut in your computer especially if you occasionally encounter awful internet connections. The fact that you are not paying anything for it only makes the deal sweeter. Hell, I need to replenish my lube and tissue stocks as it appears I won’t be leaving the house any time soon.

Fantastic collection of XXX pictures

At times, you may not have the time to watch a full movie, and all you need is a quick fap which is where porn photos come into play. Luckily, there is a respectable collection of high-res porn images ready for download. Just like the videos, the images are ripped from popular porn productions including but not limited to Nubiles, Domai, ATKPremium, and AmKingdom. Inevitably, the images are available in the highest quality, and for freaks like me who have the erotic imagination and patience to get off pictures, there is plenty to look forward to.

They have packs and siterips as well

There is a ‘Packs’ tab on the header menu which I was pleased to find that not only does it have loads of full packs covering one pornstar, but also entire siterips. If you have a pornstar who sets your balls on fire, here you can download an entire pack of her videos and images. Alternatively, grab an entire collection from premium XXX sites and smile all the way to a fire fap session. Kindly note that this is technically theft and don’t say I encouraged you to go down that route. But if you are looking for a full paysite experience, this is it.

Reasons to love 0xxx.ws

Studio quality porn; whether you get off images or full scenes, everything here is ripped from top studios, and the quality is simply out of this world.

Daily updates; the videos are uploaded as soon as they are released by the studios, and you can expect multiple daily updates with fresh content.

Preview images; you get a popup of a large image preview wherever you hover your mouse pointer over a download link which gives you an idea of what you are about to download.

Possible concerns

Piracy; the content is leeched from top studios which is technically theft since there is no consent.

No tags/categories; there is no way to browse the content by your favorite genre and a tags cloud and/or a list of categories would go a long way.

Final verdict

Understandably, not everyone in the porn industry will be in love with 0xxx.ws because it ‘steals’ content, but for a regular porn connoisseur, this is the Holy Grail. But if you ignore the ethical side, there is plenty to look forward to not least a mammoth collection of high quality, studio-produced smut. Grab as much content as you want from the lineup of image sets, full movies, packs, and siterips. You seriously need to take a look.

PornGeek likes 0XXX

  • Studio quality porn
  • Daily updates
  • Preview images

PornGeek hates 0XXX

  • Piracy
  • No tags/categories