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Ah, family members fucking each other on the camera! Is there a sweeter thing than playing on humanity’s biggest taboo? The desire to bang one of your family members, especially when you’ve not been laid for like forever is irresistible. It all started when I was 13.
You see, my step mum’s frustrating marriage with my dad turned me into a surrogate partner. She used me as a coping mechanism for her loneliness and emptiness, although I must confess that back then, it made me uncomfortable sitting with her watching soap operas. Sometimes I would think to myself: “I shouldn’t be sitting here watching soap operas with you, mom, while you tell me about your sexual frustration with dad.” One day she took me to the movies and told me that she had the most handsome date! What was I supposed to do about it? How was I supposed to respond?

It didn’t hit me then that she was slowly awakening the perv in me. Being that close to her, both physically and emotionally felt inappropriate. That was before I had a vivid dream where she stepped out of her bedroom, slowly crept into mine and looked at me with an intent look, saying; “Your father’s asleep already. Of course.” Out of nowhere, she told me to shove her against the wall and rip her blouse and skirt open. She told me to roughly hold her by the throat while my other hand felt her boobs. Before I could think, she was on her knees, giving me a blowjob. Things were moving quite fast, and before I knew it, she made me spew all over her face!

Needless to say, I only woke up with a boner and messed sheets and that, perv friends, is what triggered my love for incest porn. Over the years, my own sexual frustrations have made me remember that dream and left me wishing it has never happened in real life and again. Porn sites, particularly those dealing with family fucking scenarios, have provided an easy outlet, however, and that’s how I found myself looking at yet another source of incestuous fuck flicks; I’ll tell you all about it.

A kinky little portal for taboo fun

Welcome to, where the naughtiest of fantasy taboos, aka incest, comes alive. The first thing I noted once inside the site is the outdated design. The white background certainly sucks and while the site calls itself a “fan site” instead of a porn site, upgrading the design (which was made almost a decade ago) should be the first order of business. More of this later.

That said, the site is actually designed to work as a blog, and the first post you see is the latest. A quick look around and you see flicks of horny moms surrendering to their sons, freaky dudes fucking their sisters, lesbian scenes featuring sisters and more. If you are looking for the hottest incest scenes around, the initial impression is that’s exactly what you get at

Straightforward approach to incestuous content

The name says it all. The site attempts to keep things as simple as the name and among the family-related atrocities to look forward to including real incest stories, steamy incest videos from Japan, and incest videos from the West. It is a complete package that should keep my twisted brains from the thoughts of fucking my stepmother and having wet dreams about her.

A large chunk of the content appears amateurish, meaning some family members recorded themselves getting frisky. Whether that was meant for the public is a different matter altogether, but I’m just content watching the pretty fucked up scenarios unfold before my lusty eyes. It is clear none of the major porn companies were involved in making those kinky flicks. The quality in some of the videos is atrocious, but it somehow adds to the authenticity.

I can’t resist the urge to stop writing for a while to bust a fucking nut to the scene of a dude brutally fucking his sister by the pool while the parents went out for a walk. ThePornDude would think of me as a sick weirdo which is probably true, but it’s easy to think about fucking your sister when all other girls have given you a big fat NO throughout the years. Damn, being such a loser is fucking painful.

Some of the scenes here are pretty messed up even by my own standards. I saw one scene where a pregnant sister is trying things out with her brother! don’t seem to mind one bit, and the site is clearly made for crazy, freaky losers like me who need kinky material of this nature to get over their forced virginity.

It’s not free

Allow me to be a party pooper for a second; if you thought the content at is free, then you are pretty fucked. Sure, you can scroll down, see the blog post photos/vids and read their descriptions (sometimes really lengthy ones) but when you attempt to play the videos, you find out the site requires you to be a member and that costs money. You can actually register for the free account, but you require the premium membership in order to actually download or even stream any of the videos that the site offers.

That’s just half the story; the membership subscriptions will cost you an arm and a leg. For the silver yearly membership, be prepared to part with $99, which is insanely expensive. The golden, lifetime membership comes with a few extra features, but $199 feels like fucking extortion. Maybe it’s because most of the videos are exclusive, but whether you are willing to part with such amounts to see fathers, moms, brothers, and sisters fucking is upon you to decide.

The blog design is a hindrance to navigation

I know I mentioned the site’s blog design, but I didn’t mention that this is exactly the sort of design other sites are running away from. It’s a wreck, and going through the long-ass blog posts is awkward. It’s practically impossible to see the content in one place.

In addition, the lack of animations or any new graphics gives the site an outdated look. The dull colors don’t do the site any favors in terms of visual appeal either. Whatever they are attempting at, they need to do a better job with the design. Also, the lack of categories or a proper tag system means you have to browse each blog post individually so that you can find some proper content which is obviously not ideal given that some of the posts are too long.

That said, the basic search feature will go a long way especially given the lack of categories. As you browse through the many posts in the several sections. You will find several images, sometimes even GIFs to give you a sneak preview of the action which is actually a nice touch from the folks at

Things to love about Incezt

Real incest videos; when you do manage to register, you can enjoy hundreds of incest videos featuring all manner of fucked-up scenarios that are as authentic as anything you find on the internet.

Nice video descriptions; other sites just give you a few lines, but at, the descriptions are lengthy and tell you all you need to know about the videos including the captivating storylines.

Regular updates; the first scenes on the site are the latest ones, and you can tell the site is dedicated to providing users with more messy family scenarios. Around 10 scenes per week is nowhere near bad.

Things to hate

Awful design and outlook; the site design has been tested and found wanting. There is a clear lack of organization, and everything is scattered. The lack of new graphics or visual appeal gives the site a dated look.

Must pay to watch scenes; requires users to part with extortionate fees to join in order for them to stream/download videos.

How the site can improve

The design seriously needs to be looked at as a matter of urgency. Adding proper categories and a tag system too would also help in searching for content.

Final words

Overall, there are enough family-themed fuck flicks to satisfy your lust demons. The videos are really messed up and look authentic, which is good enough. However, the site has crappy features, and the membership that allows users to stream and download the scenes is a tad too pricey. However, there are enough atrocities in the members’ area, and I’m guessing lovers of incest porn are going to be flooding over to for its taboo content.

PornGeek likes Incezt

  • Real incest videos
  • Nice video descriptions
  • Regular updates

PornGeek hates Incezt

  • Awful design and outlook
  • Must pay to watch scenes