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Pic Hunter! They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but I’ll give you one even better. A picture of a busty cutie is worth a thousand nuts. I love porn pictures! Sure, yeah, it’s not as new or interactive as some of my favorite waifu training VR sex games are, but even I need to get back to the basics every once in a while. Plus, as much as I fap to videos and games, I never last long enough to get to the good parts. Show me a picture of some petite hottie with a tight pussy and I might cum into my pants a little right then and there. I can’t help it! I have a never-ending lust for cute girls.

But so many porn picture sites suck! You usually just get a picture section tacked onto a regular porn site without much thought beyond that. I don’t want to browse galleries of the videos I wanked it to a second ago. I want a site dedicated to hot pictures of amateur and professional cuties bending over and showing me their princess parts. Is that so much to ask for? I don’t think so.

All I want are pictures, but guys like ThePornDude can get the real deal practically on tap. I may not get to have wild sex like he does. He’s much more of a stud than I am. But the least he could do is send me some hot pictures of the girls he meets, right? Well, it doesn’t matter now because I found a site where I can fap to hot photos for hours and hours.

Modern Site Design and Barely and Ads to be Seen

Pichunter.com is a free porn site dedicated to kinky pictures of all kinds of hotties. And this site has been around for longer than some of you have probably been alive. They launched back in 2001 and currently bring in a little over 17 million horny dudes like me every single month. See, pictures aren’t dead! They’re still going strong.

While the homepage is incredibly bright, I actually like it. It feels like a quality site design and not just bright for the sake of being bright. And their whole motto is “No Bullshit – Just Free Porn.” That’s something I can get behind. You’ll notice that there are barely any ads here! You’ll see some at the bottom of the page or in between photos in a gallery, but that’s all of it. No redirects or annoying pop-ups to deal with on this one.

There’s a simple red header up top for “Home, Categories, Pornstars, and Studios.” You can also search for certain terms using the search bar or login/register to upload your own pictures or curate a personal fap gallery of your favorite sexy shots. Below that you get huge previews of hot categories. I had to whip it out and fap a few times just looking at all of the previews! They are so sexy. Especially the ones with amateur redheads. They remind me of my sister.

Large Gallery/Category Previews and Plenty of Ways to Search

And you can scroll through page after page of them. Each time you refresh the homepage you get a new selection of ones to choose from and the pictures for them will even change. It makes the front page look fresh and new every time. If you want to browse that way, you can scroll through all of the hotties and click on whatever preview has a kink of your choice to get a full page of galleries, but the other pages are definitely worth checking out.

The pornstars’ page has a list of well over a thousand cuties to choose from. Man, what I would give to take any of these girls home to mom. All of the previews for these girls are incredible. You get full body shots or pics of them doing naughty stuff. Click on any of their photos to get taken to a page full of all of their galleries. Some have hundreds of them! You can also combine your pornstar search with other tags to narrow it down. I Iove browsing solo pics of that petite, blonde Monroe girl. She’s a goddess.

The categories page doesn’t have any pictures, but the list goes on forever. Not really forever, but there are so many. Well over a hundred sexy categories. They even had some of my favorites like “Kitty, Stepmom, Asian, and Feet” just to name a few. There are plenty on here. Click on any of them to get taken to pages upon pages of galleries for each one. I do wish they had a counter for how many galleries were in each tag, but that’s not too big of a deal. And if you like porn from certain studios, you can browse through an equally long list of pictures from popular sites and studios like Bangbros, Exgfs, and 18 Only Girls.

Easy to Use Picture Viewer with Crisp HD Photos

When you decide how you want to browse through your curated selection of busty cuties, you’ll get a page full of large image previews. These previews are a little lacking. Sure, you get a glorious big HD preview shot from the gallery, but that’s really it. The only solid piece of information you get is if the gallery is in HD or not. No photo count, upload date, title, or anything else until you click through to the full gallery. That would be like buying an expensive lot of Magic cards without even seeing the land cards!

The full gallery page will tell you all of that stuff though, so at least there’s that. And each gallery page shows off a preview for every photo in the gallery, along with what (if any) site that the pictures came from. You can add it to your favorites for later, download each picture, or share it. I like sharing it on my Facebook so all my friends know the kind of cuties to hook me up with later. And the viewer is very solid. You can flip through with arrow keys and the pictures are crisp and HD in full screen. You can even favorite individual photos.

Great Mobile Site

The mobile site was equally on point. You can swipe through photo galleries with one hand, leaving you with one to jerk off or fondle your titty mouse pad like I like to. I have one of Dark Magician Girl. It’s so hot being able to flick her pink nipples while I fap. Though I should probably wash it. I can barely make them out through the crusty cum layer on top. I’ll just have my mom throw her in with the rest of the laundry.

ThePornGeek’s Favorite Features

This site is great. It’s hard to pick just one feature. They had the goal of being a great gallery porn site without the bullshit, and they nailed it. The galleries are nearly as well put together as my raid squad in WoW. And that’s saying something! It’s all free, which is awesome. And the mobile site kicks ass. They do most things right here. If you’re looking for a site to jerk off to all day, then I don’t think you need to look much further than Pichunter.com.

ThePornGeek’s Suggestions

All of that being said, they could be even better. The gallery previews need more information. I want to know if I’m about to fap a half dozen times to a treasure trove of 100+ pictures or a middling 3 or 4 picture gallery. Even just adding that photo count would be enough. Upload date, titles, and names would be nice, but they aren’t as necessary. Other than that, you saw what I said above.

ThePornGeek’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Pichunter.com is an excellent free porn picture site that will keep you coming back. They upload new galleries every single day, and they have thousands of them to fap to. Download pictures for free, create or upload your own galleries, and browse through galleries by swiping on your phone or using your arrow keys. It’s one of the best porn picture sites out there, and you don’t even have to deal with many ads at all. “No bullshit,” indeed!

PornGeek likes PicHunter

  • Thousands of Hot Photo Galleries of Amateur and Professional Hotties
  • Barely any Ads
  • Download as Much as You Want!
  • Huge Selection of Pornstars and Categories

PornGeek hates PicHunter

  • No Photo Counts for Galleries