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Fenoxo Play! I love me some text adventure games. Even the ones that aren’t erotic. I hate to admit it, but it’s probably the closest I’ll get to actually having sex with a hottie. Even cam girls and random chat cuties just ignore me or leave the page when my face pops up. I get it, sure, I’m not as charming or as studly as ThePornDude. I’m definitely not as hung, and I know I’m not as talented as he is. Okay, there it is. That’s why I like these text adventure games. I can be him. Finally. I can act the part of being a chad and none of the other characters second-guesses it. It’s my ultimate dream to be him, and I get to act it out in these games.

And some of the best smutty text adventure games I have ever played have been over at Fenoxo.com. This site is completely free and home to a few games made by Fenoxo and his team of coders and artists. But there’s more than just games here. It’s a blog for all things smutty and erotic, but I’ll get into all of that soon. What you need to know is that Fenoxo.com brings in just under 4 million people to the site every month and that the site has been going strong since 2011.

The homepage background is of a sick explosion with bodacious alien ladies, but you can barely see the girls! Why not bring them to the left or right so I can peek at their pretty, perky breasts or something? But at least the site takes on a dark theme. No bright designs or annoying stuff like that to be seen. Speaking of annoying stuff, there aren’t even any ads on the site. None! No banners of hot singles in my area…though it’s not like they ever talk to me anyway. I send them a picture of me posing for them and they go offline before I can even get any feet pics.

Frequently Updated and Patches Smutty Text-Based Adventure Games

Anyway, the homepage is for news and updates. Most of the news right now is about the two games that Fenoxo has in development: Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS) and Corruption of Champions 2 (CoC2). The first CoC is fully finished, barring minor tweaks, and ready to play. But you can expect very frequent updates for the other games. Every day or two new content is being written, new code added, and other patches are put through. The team is incredibly active, so you don’t have to worry about playing some bug riddled game that will never be fixed.

Every post will have an area for you to comment on your thoughts, and Fenoxo will usually reply if you’re not just being a troll. You can also see a variety of tags for each post, that way you can sort through the archive to find something if you want to. Off to the right side of the page, you can view any active polls that are going on, twitter updates, report a bug, and options for becoming a site backer.

That’s it for the home page. It took me a few faps to leave. Some of the posts have hot drawings of sexy anthro girls that really get me going. I mean, a cow-girl with thick thighs and huge milkers. How could I not fap my brains out to that? But, moving on, up top there’s a header with options for the following: “Play, Discord, Fiction, Forum, Links, Wiki, Log in, and Store.”

Grab Some Merch, Read Walkthroughs, and Join the Discord or Chat in the Forum

Login and Store are pretty simple. The store has merch for TiTs currently, but not much else. And logging in lets you leave comments and submit content for the games, but you don’t need it to play or track your progress. I like that anyone can submit content though! I tossed in this cub scat scene for CoC2 and I really hope it gets it. It’s a little longer than the guidelines state, but I’m sure they’ll see that it is gold.

The wiki page takes you off-site to a page that has full walkthroughs and lore dumps for all of the games that Fenoxo makes. The links page has links to all of the games, writing submission guidelines, wikis, similar games by other developers, artists, writers, and stories. Basically, if you like the stuff here then you’ll find more like it here.

The fiction page is full of short stories and even novels of hot stuff like furry on furry incest action, vore, femdom, and more by a variety of talented writers. And the forum and Discord are both worth checking out. Each one is very active and full of people discussing lewd and naughty stuff. Though nobody seems to like my scaley pee fetish suggestions here. I don’t know why.

Tons of Different Ways to Download and Experience These Kinky Games

That takes us to my favorite page! The one where you get to play the games. The “Play” page has links to each game. You can play them in the browser using flash, download them to your computer, and even get an android app. Each game is so good and full of hot themes. Lots of stuff for furries like me, as well as tons of other crazy fetishes like impregnation, submission, slave-play, lactation, gender-swapping, and rape. In CoC, I got turned into a bunny girl with a big dick and a lust for sex. God, I wish that was real. That would be so amazing. Every fantasy turned reality.

Each game is a text adventure game where you make a character, pick some starting traits, and try to survive the world that you are dropped in. CoC is a land filled with demons and other scary creatures. Take one wrong turn and you’ll be getting taken advantage of by a Mintour whose dick is so long he has to sling it over his shoulder… though I’m not sure I would be totally against that. And TiTs takes place in space where you might encounter any number of weird and sexy aliens that will probably rape you as well.

Great Mobile App for Android Users

Like I said earlier, there’s a mobile app for android. It’s actually pretty good. No sketchy off-site downloads or anything. You can throw it on any of your android devices and get started playing. It’s all scaled pretty decently, so you won’t have to zoom in or anything. And it’s a text adventure game, so it’s not like anyone is going to know what you’re playing at first glance. You can take it anywhere! All of the games currently support Android, but only the first CoC is supported by iOS.

ThePornGeek’s Favorite Features

The three kinky games on here are fantastic. You could sit and fap to any of them for hours and hours on end. The first CoC has more writing in it than your average novel! You could play it for days and still find new scenarios and scenes to jerk off to. And boy oh boy these games have a lot of fetishes. Luckily I love this stuff. There’s one scene in CoC where you come to this milking factory full of chicks and guys getting all of their sex juices sucked right out of them. I’m itching to fap again just thinking about that scene. And the other games are full of hot scenes that are just as good!

ThePornGeek’s Suggestions

Aside from moving the background so that I can see the hotties behind it, I’ve got nothing. And I don’t have any cool life tips for you this time around since I’ve talked so much about this kinky site, so let’s just keep a move on here and I’ll wrap this up.

ThePornGeek’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Fenoxo.com (often misspelled as “fenexo”) is home to some of the best smut on the internet. There are full-on novelas with fetish themes that you can read here for free. All of the games are unique, crazy, and fun enough to keep me coming back night after night to see where the sex-fest of a story takes me. And you don’t have to pay for any of it or deal with any ads to get this content. It almost feels like stealing it’s such a good deal. I’ll definitely set aside a little of my allowance to support this site. Fenoxo.com deserves every penny.

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  • Tons of Smut Full of Furry Fetish Content
  • Massive Erotic Text Adventure Games
  • New Patches and Updates Daily
  • It’s All Free!
  • No Ads