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Even though my job mostly consists of talking about porn websites, videos, and the like, once in a while a certain unique type of smut will come my way and switch things up. You guys know that I’m trying as hard as I can to live up to ThePornDude’s name, but I think that today’s review is going to be one of those things that are so ridiculously niche that not even ThePornDude himself would dare go near this particular flavor of porn.

That’s because today we’re covering a very unique website for a very particular type of porn video games. Now porn games aren’t exactly a novelty – I’ve been beating my meat to flash animations of hentai babes getting tentacle raped ever since 2001. Newgrounds used to be my shit. However, today we’re talking about GamCore, a website that on the surface appears to be nothing more than a porn game aggregator.

But GamCore is very different from other similar websites in that most if not all of the games on this goddamn site are extremely immersive, to the point that they make me feel like even more of a loser than usual. That’s what I think that not even ThePornDude would enjoy these games – they take time and investment.

Now don’t get me wrong, they’re all perfectly free, but that’s not how they get you. No, these games demand that you pay to play them in time and soul. You have to spend a ridiculous amount of time on these games to get the full experience out of them.

What’s The Catch?

A lot of porn games make you sweat for the smut. If it’s not a 5-minute flash animation of a girl riding a monster dildo, then chances are you’re going to have to grind to get to the good stuff. And a lot of the games on GamCore are in fact like this. There will be gameplay, intrigue and even a fleshed-out story, but in the end, you’ll get to the smut.

But that’s not what I was talking about when I said that these games eat up your time. The thing that makes GamCore games unique is that most of them were made by one or more porn connoisseurs like myself, and these people are fucking dedicated. They’ll get together and craft an extensive video game experience to really get you immersed in the idea that you’re in some sort of porn world.

And I’ve played porn RPGs before, I know what it’s like to play a game that mixes business with pleasure. First you fight the monsters, then you level up your girls and finally, you get to dick them until they pass out covered in cum. It’s a standard formula. But GamCore take this concept way further, to the point that you start to feel your life quickly pass before your eyes while you’re wasting away spending time on one singular game.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about…

Degrees of Lewdity

Normally when I’m covering an aggregate website, I don’t review specific pieces for longer than a sentence per piece of content, but in this case, I think we need an exception to that rule. Degrees of Lewdity is one of the more popular games on the site that I tried out (and sank an hour into without noticing). The game is almost entirely text-based, with a few sprite animations here and there to give you some visual representation of what’s actually happening.

This game has you roleplay as a desperate urchin in a harsh urban world. You can play as a male or a female, but the customizations don’t stop there. You can choose your exact breast and dick size, along with all your personal preferences and characteristics. And depending on how you balance out your character, the world around you will respond with various degrees of rape, sexual assault, and general violence.

I’m not kidding. I made a female character and walked her down the street. I immediately got jumped and raped by a dog. Yes. An actual four-legged canine. It jumped my character, and I smashed every single “fight back” option the game threw my way. It didn’t matter. A few clicks in the dog came, and the screen read “You have lost your anal virginity”. That was fun…

At this point, you might be asking yourself: “Did this guy really jack off to text-based dog rape?”. And the answer is no. I jacked off afterward when my character got raped by a well-endowed girl-boy with a giant penis, in the girl’s locker room.

What I’m getting at here is, this is a text-based game, presumably made by one person. And the story and general depth of the game mechanics are more fleshed out than anything I’ve ever seen in recent triple-A video games. I mean the actual breast size of your character along with what you are wearing factors into the calculations that the game runs to figure out just exactly who would be attracted to you and under which circumstances. That’s an insane level of detail right there. And all of this neatly packed into a tiny, in-browser flash game. But enough about Degrees of Lewdity, you get the picture.

A Gigantic Selection of Games

I mentioned that the game I played was Flash-driven, and unfortunately this is true for all the games I checked out. I’d venture to guess that all of the games on GamCore are flash-based. However, this didn’t seem to kneecap any of the gameplay or performance and personally, I had a great time running the games. This didn’t feel like my terrible experiences with Flash from back in the early noughties. These games all run great.

On top of that, the selection is absolutely ridiculous. I counted over 3500 games on the site, neatly categorized with tags and genres like 3D, Action, Adventure, Anal, Animals, Blowjobs, you name it. If you can jack off to it, they have it. And while the games vary greatly in terms of visual quality, they all share the same love that the developers had for the game. You can tell that all of these games are labors of love. Someone really wanted you to play them.

I was actually a little surprised when I found out that GamCore was completely free with no catch. I mean sure, they run ads, and that certainly kicks a few dollars back, but they’re hosting all of these games on their domain. As far as I could see, none of the games were being loaded from a third party site, this is all localized smut fun.

On top of that, GamCore is not some sort of corporate-owned, heavily censored website that one guy uploads video games to. It is a community-driven haven of commitment to sexual video gaming. Anyone can upload a video game on the site, and undoubtedly, that’s exactly why there are so many games on here. Hell, you could whip something up on your computer and upload it to the site if you’d like to. There are no limits. So if you’re thinking about trying game development, but you can’t shake your porn addiction, put two and two together and upload your game to GamCore. At the very least it’s great exposure.

You login on the site using Facebook, so you definitely know that there’s no hassle there. You don’t have to bother making a profile. On the other hand, if you don’t like using Facebook for third-party logins, you can make an account on the site in less than 15 seconds, as far as I can tell.

The Design, The Speed, The Fun

The website design is nothing I haven’t seen before, but I wouldn’t complain, given that I can find amazing video games right off the home page and they immediately start running. There are no popup ads and no intrusive bullshit. There are a lot of ads on the side of the website though, and they’re mostly animated GIFs, so they’re not easy to ignore, but they aren’t there when you actually play the games. They only appear when you’re listing the games.

Beyond that, I mentioned that all the games are tagged extensively and that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter how fucked up your fetishes are.

The games load pretty fast, considering that most of them come with literal hours of gameplay. Personally I would have preferred it if you could download them and run them on your PC, but every single game I tried so far saves your progress locally, so you can just keep coming back for more.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for proper single-player porn games that have absolutely no grinding, and a ton of immersive gameplay and story, GamCore is the absolute motherlode for erectile entertainment. You will not regret checking it out.

PornGeek likes GamCore

  • Website. It’s fast and simple.
  • Games. They’re fucking huge.
  • Community. Someone really cares.

PornGeek hates GamCore

  • Almost impossible to Full Screen most of these games.
  • Can’t download the games
  • FB login is currently bugged