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Ass O Ass! As much of a male feminist as I am and how much I respect beautiful goddesses to no end, I have to admit that I occasionally look at the female buttocks and stare. I don’t just stare for a few seconds, if I can get away with it I will stare for minutes or even hours if I am in a good enough hiding spot. But it isn’t just any anus: what really makes my penis move is staring at old people butts.

I had the pleasure of staring at old buttocks a few days ago when mother had her weekly round of Bridge. She invited an old hag that brought her own bottle of Jameson and downed it in the span of thirty minutes. Like all mother’s friends, she had to go relieve herself in the bathroom. I snuck into the shower and had a watch through a hole I had drilled for occasions like this. This time though, instead of watching her in the bathroom and smelling the inevitable diarrhea I wore an air ventilation mask so I wouldn’t have to smell her. I got to watch her sit on the toilet while breathing fresh air, and when she got up? Oh, I saw that bare ass! My weenie stood at attention more than it ever had; in that moment I knew what ThePornDude felt like!

Then she got off the toilet and began to wipe. That was disgusting. What was worse was mother walked in. “My faggot son isn’t here, so what’s stopping us,” said mother. They immediately took their clothes off and began kissing each other. And I saw mother’s butt – gross! What’s more, they began rubbing their…oh mother I don’t think I can muster the strength to type this…they rubber their vaginas on each other! I had to watch in horror as my mother and her friend had sexual intercourse; the only thing I could do was head over to and uplift the beautiful females’ anuses while pretending my mother wasn’t getting her vagina licked by that old hag. Come join me my friends, and help me to get my mind off of seeing my mother’s completely naked body.

Over 42-million videos

An impressive achievement of any porn aggregator is just how much adult content there is within. Assoass is no different, as it boasts over 42-million videos (and counting) from the homepage. Staying competitive with other porn aggregators, you’re going to find a wealth of good content – especially if you are a fan of fine anuses like myself. Although the amount of content isn’t reserved solely for butt-related content (lots of content related to anuses but the content is broader than that) you’re still going to find something worth watching when looking through.

Like the category, ‘Cum in Ass.’ It never dawned on me that someone could do that. But I looked at a video in this category and oh my goodness my friends! All I will say is that if I was in a nursing home and had the opportunity to do that, well let us just say that as a male feminist I would have to spend days uplifting ladies just to offset the damage my penis would do to the old female’s anus! At least that is what I am imagining. Who knows what would happen? My penis may stay as soft as it always is if I had the opportunity.

Can choose sexual orientation from the top of homepage

A porn aggregator isn’t just for white knights that want to uplift the female experience, nor is it only for Chads that want to bust a nut as they so put it. No, in the same spirit as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic they are for everyone! That is why I am so pleased to see that Assoass has placed a button near the top to choose your sexual orientation: straight, gay, or shemale. It is the perfect example of Assoass being inclusive and making the porn aggregator for everyone, not just a bunch of Chad anus wipes that only see females as meat bags that they can pork. Newsflash Chads: females are more interesting than any man could ever be! Get with the times and become enlightened like us white knights!

Tons of categories to choose from

Yet again in the same spirit as the best porn aggregators, Assoass also provides a wealth of good categories to choose from. Although you will notice the most popular categories are near the top with thumbnails, scrolling to the bottom will showcase all of the categories that Assoass has to offer. You will see unique categories that you don’t find everywhere like, ‘Prison,’ ‘Farting,’ and my personal favorite, ‘Granny interracial sex.’ If I had a black pecker like the fine men in those videos, I could tame any wild senior citizen that came my way. Oh, dreaming is dangerous friends: I dare to do it anyway!

Good looking thumbnails

Assoass continues to hit all the right marks by providing good, detailed thumbnails for not only the categories spread across the site but also throughout the video listings. I never saw a thumbnail that looked poor or out-of-place once, and it made browsing around and finding what I was looking for incredibly easy. All of the thumbnails look at their best, and I for one am pleased that Assoass had the foresight to not skimp on the good thumbnails. Way to go, Assoass!

Good sorting and filtering options

With so much good content available on Assoass, good sorting options are essential to ensuring people are free to browse how they wish. I am happy to report that Assoass does exactly this by allowing you to sort by popularity, date, duration, and rating. Further, Assoass allows you to use filtering options alongside sorting. When sorting, you can filter videos by date added, duration, quality, and even the source. With these tools, you are going to be able to find exactly the type of content that you are looking for, and it’s going to be incredibly easy to do so!

Video listings shows good information

Another hallmark of a good porn aggregator is how much information is listed in each video listing. Assoass does it again by providing a host of good info that will allow you to decide if you want to make the jump to the source site and view the content in question or keep looking. Assoass shares good information such as the source site you will be jumping to after you click on the thumbnail, the duration of the video, title, and the date added.

View most popular, new, and top videos from the top

Although Assoass uses good sorting options, there are times when you want to look at all the videos that are deemed the newest and best. Assoass does this by allowing you to look at all the most popular videos, the newest content, and the top/highest rated videos all in one list. It’s convenient when you want to just browse through and look at the best and latest, and it’s one area that Assoass is triumphant in. Once again, good job Assoass!

Jumping to source site is fast and responsive

A challenge all porn aggregators face is how seamless they can make jumping to a source site and back again. Assoass does this exceptionally well – so well in fact that you may not notice that you are actually visiting a source site or are still on Assoass’ homepage. Transitioning is fast, responsive, and there are no buffering or stalling issues to speak of. You are going to be impressed by how amazing this works on Assoass, so give it a shot and find out for yourself!

Site is all black, looks great!

I don’t care if it is a porn aggregator or a free tube site: if the site features an all-white background and doesn’t include the option for a dark mode, it’s like giving alcohol to an alcoholic then complaining that they drank it all. Who thinks that’s a good idea? I don’t understand why some sites do this.

Assoass understands how stupid that is and has provided an all black site that is not only easy on the eyes but is well designed. You also won’t be blinded when you try to sneak away at night and uplift the beautiful goddesses. It is yet another example of Assoass’ forward-thinking design, and I could not be more pleased with what they have to offer. You will be too!

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  • Over 42-million videos.
  • Choose sexual orientation from the top of the homepage.
  • Tons of categories to choose from.
  • Good looking thumbnails.
  • Good sorting and filtering options.
  • Video listings show good information.
  • View most popular, top rated, and newest videos from the top.
  • Jumping to source site is fast and responsive.
  • Site is all black, looks great!