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Meet And Fuck Games aka Meet N Fuck Games! I used to say that porn games are how I break the monotony of reviewing nothing but video smut all the time, but game sites have become so popular in recent years that they hardly feel like an exception at this point. Everyone and their grandmother seems to have played some kind of smut game online, and even ThePornDude himself has managed to rack up dozens of these sites in his reviews, so there must be something to their popularity.

I started off my experience with porn games thinking that they’ll always be relegated to the backseat of smut, as some sort of collection of flash clicker games where you get to decide whether a poorly drawn pussy gets rammed fast or even faster, but my god have we come a long way since then.

These days’ porn games come with story, action, adventure, fleshed out characters, but most of all, they come with immersion that keeps you coming in your pants as well as coming back for more.

Between the tons of RPGs that actually let you save your progress so that you can come back to them, and the tons of action-adventure games that are all very much fap-worthy, you’re going to find more than enough interactive smut online to keep you hard and entertained for years to come. And keeping in mind that new games come out every single day, I doubt you’re ever going to play them all. It’s a damn good thing that ThePornDude has set the standard for porn reviewers to cover entire sites, rather than individual pieces of smut, because if I had to cover every single porn game on large websites, I’d end up with the worst case of bruised dick and I’d probably jack myself into a coma.

And speaking of jacking off until you’re unconscious, when I want to get my fill of games that let me feel like ThePornDude, I hop onto MeetAndFuckGames.Com.

A Sexy Spin on an Old Idea

I mentioned briefly that smut games back in the day revolved around the old one-two of clicking between faster and faster masturbation or fucking options. You had a girl on screen getting plowed by monster cock and you could choose the speed of the action, and maybe you had an excitement meter that would let you cum hard buckets into her snatch. It was a simple concept but it got old really fast.

Well, MeetAndFuckGames have taken my opinion on the matter and said: “Fuck it, we’re going to be making clicky flash games, exclusively”. So the question is: Why don’t I hate MeetAndFuckGames?

It’s simple, they took the genre that had the least promise and turned it into a successful and far-reaching genre, rather than just shelling out clicker game after clicker game. All of their games have a very strong visual novel vibe to them with a sort of free exploration vibe.
Let’s say you start out on a beach, the sun is scorching, the vibe is friendly and there are drinks all around, but you’re alone. You set out on your adventure by deciding whether you want to check out the nearby bar, or the shore, or maybe the dressing rooms. And just like that, bam, you luck into a sexual situation. Turns out there was a horny babe in the dressing rooms and she was waiting for a courageous little man like yourself to take her firmly behind the barn, as they say.

Then you get the old clicker experience of having to fuck her faster and faster within the same repetitive animation, but there’s something oddly satisfying about the experience when you know that you explored your way to that scene. The entire game isn’t centered around that scene – the game has tons of characters and scenarios for you to luck into, and in that sense, it has a mild but certain RPG vibe to it. It’s basically like the games on this site are all Japanese dating sims, i.e. visual novels, but without all the boring stuff where you have to talk to the girls for hours on end before they start taking their clothes off.

There’s none of that. All the girls in these games are willing and ready for the cock right off the bat. I get the feeling that MeetAndFuckGames really respect the fact that you’re a busy man who ain’t got no time to beg and plead for sex, so they let you roleplay as ThePornDude. That is to say, if there’s a woman in the room, and you walk in, she immediately strips and prepares for the incoming insemination. And you know that I’m down for any game that lets me pretend that I’m ThePornDude, so naturally, I have to give MeetAndFuckGames my full and unconditional endorsement.

Why Pay for Games?

As you know, there are shittons of free flash game sites out there that’ll pretty much keep you entertained throughout any cold winter that you have to spend indoors for fear of frostbite, but I’m here coming in out of left field to say that if you drop the hard cash on some real devoted interactive smut, you get a real premium.

MeetAndFuckGames might be a paid service for a single type of game, but they are constantly serving up new smut and they’re damn motivated towards keeping up the standard in both writing and visual quality. They have a certain 2D style they’re very much sticking to and personally, I think that once you blow a load to these animated pussies, you’re going to want to come back for more. It’s a very straightforward style, but it keeps me going.

As for the actual quality of gameplay, well it’s consistent through and through. Not all the stories are bangers, but you get to bang all the chicks in the end and isn’t that what’s most important? On top of that, you know there’s a certain level of quality that comes with paying hard cash for a service, and when it comes to porn luckily that means less ads, or in this case, no ads at all, because ads suck and they get in the way.

On top of that, they really seem to care about the community as they let you vote on what kind of games you’d like to see in the future. They take your opinion into account and they’ve even got a forum where you can get together with other perverts such as me and discuss the finer points of two-dimensional pussy.

Now I know it sounds kind of gay – hanging out with a bunch of dudes, talking about what makes you hard. But it’s all about working together to get MeetAndFuckGames to bring you more quality. The community decides what does and does not constitute quality.
And on top of that, this site brings you a veritable shitton of rule 34 inspired parodies of popular shows. Right off the bat, you’re going to see some Scooby Doo characters getting hot and heavy with each other with some anime babes thrown in for good measure. Nothing is sacred on MeetAndFuckGames except for your meat and your gameplay.

The Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

For a paid website, I’d expect a bit more by way of sorting. Now don’t get me wrong, you still get to sort your games in great detail, between genres and categories, and you even get a complete games list. I’m complaining about the fact that when you do in fact sort the games, they show up as textual titles rather than a gallery of thumbnails like you might see on other sites.

Now I understand that this is largely because they have so many games, that it’s hard to show you the entire library of smut on one page, and they generally try to do just that. You’re going to see a lot of textual titles on this site. But opening one up and checking it out isn’t a hassle in and of itself, so why not give it a shot.

On top of that, the design is sleek, fast, and as I mentioned it features absolutely no ads what-so-ever, so you know nothing’s gonna get in your way.

The site is very clean, and when you’re not sorting, you see suggested games listed with thumbnails and the name of the artist that drew them. I would recommend that you check out specific artists if you find someone who is particularly talented at drawing that two dimensional pussy. On top of that, there’s even a character breakdown in case you’d like to see more of a specific pair of tits, like say if you’ve got a crush on Jessica Rabbit – they’ve got you covered. She has her own page, as do most of the other popular girls on this site. MeetAndFuckGames really is the whole package when it comes to online flash porn games.

PornGeek likes Meet And Fuck Games

  • Library of Games. It’s Huge.
  • Clean Website Design
  • No Ads!

PornGeek hates Meet And Fuck Games

  • $25/mo is too steep. They need a yearly discount.