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Beyond the triple-A western pornography that has been dominating the world of online smut since the advent of the internet, there’s always been the secondary pornography provided by other countries. Some call it ethnic porn, others call it the third world. I like to be respectful and think of it as an important part of international diversity. Ever since I realized that women would not give me the time of day unless I am a proud and devoted feminist, I have cared deeply about equality and diversity, and the representation of women in all matters, including porn.

And when it comes to diversity, I primarily care about Japanese girls dressed as schoolgirls getting covered in cum. They appeal to my inner pervert. But I can’t spend my whole life jacking off to tentacle porn. I gotta branch out. To that end, once in a while, I’ll go on an exploratory adventure across PornHub, which as well know is the biggest home of upscale pornography. PornHub is to tube sites what ThePornDude is to porn reviewers – basically God.

PornHub’s got a ton of foreign pornography, in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but today I’ll be focusing on an often-overlooked nation when it comes to pornography – India.

Spicy Pussy

When someone’s discussing pussy and India on the internet it’s usually in the context of making fun of Indian men for desperately chasing after white women on social media. I don’t know why this is a thing, but it sort of developed as a meme in recent years and it’s become a staple of online comedy.

The other side of the coin is rarely discussed, however. When it comes to Indian women and their sexuality, few people even know that there’s a genre of porn there. Indian women’s sexuality pretty much goes by overlooked. Maybe it’s because in India women are generally relegated to a sort of secondary position in society. After all, I have yet to visit India and bring to them the word of modern feminism. I’d like to imagine that if I ever do go there, the women will be all over me because I’m so very academically versed in all things feminist. I’ve also got a tiny cock, so assuming the rumors about Indian men are true, I should fit right in.

But it is true, Indian women are about as horny and as wild as the rest of them, and they give western pornstars a decent run for their money. PornHub’s Indian section isn’t that big, compared to other categories on the site, but it still boasts over 9000 videos, so it’s unlikely you’ll actually run out of Indian porn any time soon.

When in India, Do as the Indians Do

Whenever you explore a new genre of porn, especially when it’s a cultural category, it’s risky because you usually end up watching the same repetitive western angles of dick in vagina for 30 minutes straight, but the skin tones are different. When porn is repetitive, it doesn’t really encourage me to seek out more of it. I just become bored right away and give up on the idea.

Luckily though, Indian porn, specifically on PornHub, doesn’t seem to be repetitive or classical at all. In fact, there’s little to no western influence here what so ever. Now, they might be drawing inspiration from other countries’ camera angles and porn styles, but if they are, I sure as hell can’t recognize the homage.

The Japanese zoom in sideways on screaming pussies and Hollywood porn is all about the cock zoom-in. Indians, on the other hand, seem to go another way. First of all, I’ve noticed that they focus on the girls almost exclusively, even if the scene features guy on girl action. I quite like this because the girls on PornHub’s Indian section are generally really hot.

I also like the fact that most of them are around the 20-year-old age range. Barely any MILFs, GILFs or uggos. And sure, it’s not very feminist of me to call ugly women uggos, but if ThePornDude can fuck 10s exclusively, by golly, I can fap to nothing but 10s if I want to.
On top of the somewhat innovative camera angles, you’ll also see an interesting mix in themes and a very interesting mix in decades of filming. I honestly didn’t know that if you land smack dab on the homepage of Indian pornography, you’ll manage to see solo videos, guy on girl homemade, lesbian pussy squirt exchanges and even a full-on retro porn movie filmed in India. This is all within the first dozen or so results, for fuck’s sake. It’s incredible. It’s as if they condensed all of their best ideas and doled them out for you within the first result page.

Cultural Exchange

You’re going to learn a lot more about Indian culture from the Indian section on Pornhub than you might have thought initially. Not only do these videos feature Indian people exclusively, but some of them are actually shot and posted for Indian people, specifically. I didn’t notice this at first, but after I got used to seeing some of the titles come up with Indian titles that I didn’t understand, then I saw the comments’ sections for those videos, I realized that I was fapping to someone else’s internet then and there.

Because of this, there are also tons of videos of Indian celebrities, presumably in some sort of Fappening outbreak of their nudes and sex tapes being released to the public. Either way, the Indian netizens of Pornhub are going wet and wild for these videos and they really seem to enjoy fapping to them.

There are also a few titles here and there that seem to borrow from the western handbook for porn titles, like the ever-famous “Step Sister Makes You Beg For It” trope and similar incestuous taglines that actually have nothing to do with the video. But these are few and far in between.

Then there are also tons of videos of Indian girls posted by American dudes who have dated them at some point. So basically there’s a lot more amateur stuff on here than you might have originally thought. In fact, I’d wager to bet that half of these videos are homemade. Then a significant portion of what’s left are camgirls, and maybe some remaining 10% are professional porn. I love this ratio because professional porn will never be nearly as entertaining as the real shit. I like seeing real couples getting it on behind closed doors, because that kind of porn looks a lot more embarrassing and gives me a lot more hope that in the future I might just lose my virginity. Maybe it’ll be with an Indian girl, maybe not. Who knows.

And The Rest

I can’t really comment on the design of the website because it’s the fucking PornHub, you already know all about it. It’s orange on black and has smut from all over the planet. No point in rehashing that. You also know that it’s entirely free and there are next to no ads, because PornHub was made by the gods, in serving our divine right to masturbate until we’re blue in the face. The gods also gave us ThePornDude, so that he may better guide our faps, but that’s beside the point.

Back on topic, the videos are relatively well organized, especially since you’re already within the Indian category, to begin with. You can further sort by other categories, but I would recommend that you use the search bar or just go wild in the results. There are very few videos on here that are not worth watching. I do not know if this means that Indian people are better at pornography than us, or that the mere fact that they have less porn makes it easier for good porn to float to the surface.

Either way, after browsing PornHub’s Indian section I find myself with a very deep need to consume some curry-spiced chicken, as well as a few Indian women’s vaginas. I do not know where I would go about finding a couple of those, but I remain hopeful.

If you have a fetish for Indian women, or you’ve just come back from a trip to Mumbai and you’re feeling nostalgic, take your dick on a feels trip through PornHub’s Indian section. The quality of the porn is pretty much as high as the original video was when it was recorded. You know that PornHub doesn’t hold back any punches there.

There’s the added bonus of discovering Indian talent in smut, especially through the videos of girls from camwhore sites or the professional vids. And even through the amateur vids and their comments’ sections, you might find some names that’ll lead to even more smut, if you find yourself particularly attracted to a certain girl. Either way, Indian is definitely on PornHub’s menu and the table is set.

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