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DoujinMoe! My name is the PornGeek, and today I have another one of those weird hentai sites called Even though I like hentai and can occasionally enjoy it, I must admit that I genuinely miss my real and regular porn. But, no one asks me, because only ThePornDude is reserved for the best porn sites and I get the ‘leftovers.’ Well, let’s stop the complaining in the intro, and dive right into it because this is just the beginning.

Homepage and the first look/impression

Well, at least the homepage doesn’t look complicated in particular. You have all the necessary navigation tools right at the top, and bellow that you have some hentai comic books and porn videos displayed right at the center of the site. On the right side, though, you can find an annoying questionnaire asking you whether you use video chats and how often do you do it. Below all of that, it’s pretty much just a gallery of hentai comics, and that’s it. All in all, it’s just your regular hentai site, nothing special. didn’t really do a spectacular job, just like me with these reviews. They are readable, but when you combine them with my character and style of writing, they’re just your average reviews, and that’s it. And it’s been this way my whole life. I often try to do things but end up being ignored simply because I don’t have what it takes to achieve the status of a professional, let alone becoming a legend in whatever field I try myself in next time.


Navigation on is good though. You don’t have to struggle to find what you need, and you don’t need to turn into a full-on hacker and try to decode shit just because the organization fucking sucks balls. Everything is in its place, it’s easy to use, it’s practical, it’s professional, and the options seem pretty neat. You can search for different complete series, for various artists that got mad skills, and then you can also find some things that you don’t really have to use, but they are good to have around. Like for example, movies, and requests. It’s cool that you can request different things, and that makes an exciting site. Basically, if you want, you can compare it to my family. Sometimes they have their special moments, but most of the time they are just there, and that’s it. Sometimes they will cause problems, but sometimes they will be useful too. It’s a gamble, and you never know what you get when you wake up that day.

If you want to search for a specific series on, you can do it when you click on a simple button with the same name, and it’ll just give you a massive gallery of different complete series, and that’s it. Luckily, they have a search engine that allows you to search alphabetically, so if you know at least the first letter of your favorite manga, you can find it right there quickly. You can do the same with me – just type PornGeek online, and you’ll find me immediately! Unfortunately, I know that you won’t do that because you already know that ThePornDude is better, and you’ll just go search for his reviews. I’m used to it, though. It works the same for the artists’ section though, nothing different. Browse freely, my friend, there are no restrictions on this site!

As far as the top-rated goes, instead of boring you with top-rated of all time and spamming you with these great, but repetitive comics, luckily only limits it to thirty days. So when those thirty days end, you can get new great comics that are personally picked by people. So you get to watch only the best content. You have the choice of changing the time period in the upper right corner, though. Unfortunately, in life, we can’t change our time periods, so I’ll just be eternally stuck in this nightmare of a life and horror of adult life, simply because I’m too weak to change myself or my surroundings. It sucks for like, let’s say first twenty years, but after that, you slowly begin to get used to it. Like you’ll get used to this site’s great perks. If you want to interact with people, you have a discord server that you can join, or you can simply comment on the galleries after you make an account.

The perks

As far as the perks go, you get some great ones even with a free account. But, if you upgrade to premium, you get even more of them, and all of them are pretty useful. It’s how it works in life in general. If you opt for free stuff, you’ll mostly get shit. I avoid paying for something that I can’t or won’t use, and in high school, they immediately labeled me as the poor kid. At first, when I started writing these, I thought that I had gotten my revenge, because I finally turned my passion, which is porn, into a career, but then things became even shittier once again, and I just felt like a massive pile of crap. I guess I still feel that way too. All in all, if you get a free account, you get around fourteen thousand mangas, and you can only download ten of them in a day. As far as the videos go, the collection is halved there too, and you can only watch them in lousy quality. All of that changes when you get the premium, and you literally get double the benefits.

The categories, or tags, or whatever, call them what you want

As far as the categories on go, you need to know that they’re called tags. I wish it were like that in real life, though, just calling things differently. For example, if I’m called a loser regularly, maybe we can change that and start calling me an underachieved individual or something like that? No? Okay, I’ll shut up now. But, what’s important is that you can easily browse through these tags because they are also formed like a gallery and it’s easy to search through them because you will find something that you like here, even if you’re a really picky porn consumer. I know, because I am, and I’m impressed by the content here.

If you want to see one of the mangas on that are in a gallery that belongs to a specific tag, you can do that too. Simply click on the gallery and then you’ll see exactly what your choices are, and how many mangas you can find if you buy the premium. In my opinion, that’s a great little option, because then you see what you’re missing out on, and maybe that’ll change your mind and make you buy it. Often when I look at porn, I know that sex is great, and I see that I’m missing out on it, but after my last prostitute experience which went wrong, I’m too scared to hire one and to get rid of the dust in my underpants.

Anyways, there aren’t a lot of tags there, which is generally excellent, because you don’t have to browse and browse just to find something that you like. After you click on a specific tag on and a particular comic as well, you’ll find that you can read it without problems, and it also shows you exactly how much pages are in it, who’s the artist, and which anime is it based on, which is pretty cool. All of your sources are there, and you’ll have no problems finding other content that’s either from the same anime franchise, or maybe something different, but also slightly similar as well. Like ThePornDude and me. Our reviews can be identical at times, but he’s still far better than me, and I can’t compare with that, right?

Registration and conclusion

You can choose between two kinds of memberships on (often misspelled as “doujin moe”, “doujinshi” or “doujinmoe”). As I’ve previously said, there’s the free membership and the premium one. You still get a lot of different perks and the gallery of comics which you can browse is massive, but if you’re hungry for even more, then you can go premium. Also, if you’re downloading content like a maniac, you’ll love the bonuses. When you’re a free member, you have a sure limiter. For example, you can only download ten comics a day. But, with premium, the limits are totally gone. As for the free accounts, just type in a nickname, email, and create a strong password. And the premium membership has the same process, except you pay twenty dollars and get fantastic stuff with it. That’s it.

PornGeek likes Doujins (Doujin Moe)

  • Good content
  • Most of it is free
  • Great organization

PornGeek hates Doujins (Doujin Moe)

  • Doesn't have some crucial tags
  • Has lolicon in it
  • The grey colors are boring