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4 Porn! Well, my mother has embarrassed me once again! Not only does she continue to make life more difficult for me every waking moment, she is now bringing monsters into the home that I know are going to one day replace me and throw me out onto the street to fend for myself. I only get one welfare check a month and it isn’t much! I can’t live out there! They know this! They don’t care!

Mother invited the butcher over for dinner and I was forced to eat with them. The entire time the man was licking his lips, only eating with a knife, and making comments like, “you ever felt the trickle of blood flow into your mouth and wished it would never stop flowing,” and, “you know the tastiest part of a human is the knee, or so they say *har har har. *” Then he pulled out a butcher knife from his crotch and began to move it up and down my leg like he wanted to touch my penis.

I jumped up from the table and hid the confusing erection I was getting. “You’re a creep you mustached piece of feces!” Him and mother laughed hysterically. “At least he doesn’t have sex with dolls like you do. Yeah I see the carved out assholes on all your stuffed animals I know what you do with them,” said mother.

“That’s a lie! You’re a lie! This whole family is a lie!” I ran down the basement stairs crying so hard I couldn’t see a thing. I tripped down the stairs and hit every step on the way down, landing on the concrete floor on my neck. With blood flowing out of my mouth and eyes, I picked up my phone thinking this may be the last chance I ever get to uplift a beautiful female. I went to 4porn.com and began browsing around the porn aggregator, wiping the tears from my eyes knowing this could be the end. Was it a worthy last site to visit if death was indeed at my doorstep? Come find out with me my friend!

Large, detailed thumbnails in high resolution

The first thing I noticed about 4porn is just how detailed the thumbnails are on the site. Sure, a lot of adult sites and especially porn aggregators utilize large and detailed thumbnails to let visitors know the contents of the video, but 4porn’s thumbnails are so large, rich, and vibrant that they stand out on their own. Perhaps it is the black background layered on rich thumbnails, but then again the colors pop out at you and feel so full of life that it cannot just be the background that makes these thumbnails work so well. Detailed, uniform, and attractive to look at, 4porn is the way adult sites should implement thumbnails into every page of their site going forward.

Huge list of adult stars to choose from

Here is something you do not see every day: a porn aggregator with a huge list of adult stars to browse! Yes, 4porn allows you to browse videos based on the adult stars in the video. When you want to uplift a beautiful goddess repeatedly, this is the perfect method to use. Once you click on a star, you will be presented with a list of videos to choose from scattered across multiple sources per usual. It works just like categories except the category is the adult stars themselves: it’s a great touch when you want to watch videos based on the person rather than the theme or scenario.

Huge list of categories

It would be a grave mistake if I did not mention 4porn’s huge list of categories you can choose from. While it isn’t as exhaustive as other porn aggregators (more on that later), you are still going to have many more categories to choose from on 4porn than on most free tube sites. That’s because 4porn – even though it doesn’t have as much content as some other porn aggregators – still has a huge amount of content that is so vast that it has to feature a huge list of categories in its own right just to appropriately catalog everything.

Beyond noticing the beautiful thumbnails signaling which categories are the most popular, you can also view the long list of categories to choose from. You are bound to find a category that will match you with the perfect ladies to uplift and praise from 4porn’s list alone. So what are you waiting for fellow white knight? Get out there, click on an appropriate category, and do your part to uplift the beautiful goddesses that make our universe from falling apart, male feminist soldier!

Sort videos by popular, latest, long, or all

One cannot say that 4porn does not have a decent amount of sorting options, and the proof is right there on the homepage. When jumping onto 4porn, you will notice them right away. From sorting videos by popularity to the latest, longest, or even all videos you have the luxury of looking at videos however you wish and in whatever order seems fitting to you. Only you know which videos take precedence over others, so use the options to your benefit to ensure you only see the beautiful females that need to be uplifted at the moment!

Translation options near top of page

With so many videos available to view, it only makes sense for 4porn to provide translation options for people around the world to jump on and uplift goddesses right alongside the rest of English-speaking folk. 4porn has done exactly this, giving you the ability to choose your preferred language right from the top of the homepage. This means that if you are confused and have no clue where to go due to language differences, you can spot exactly where you need to go in order to translate 4porn appropriately. With so many languages to choose from, chances are you can find the right language for you!

Selecting video immediately jumps to the source site

One of the fears of a porn aggregator is that you will run into sites that are slow, and transitioning from the porn aggregator to the source site will cause hiccups that you just don’t want to deal with. Well, I am happy to report that jumping from one site to another is absolutely seamless on 4porn! You won’t have to wait to go from 4porn to the source site of the video: in fact, you may forget that you are making the jump to another site to watch a video to begin with!

It’s also a testament to the sources 4porn uses. They could have used sites that were less-than-reputable and took forever to load, was littered with pointless ads, and made the viewing experience a terrible experience. They could have shrugged and chocked that up to not being responsible for the poor practices of a source site, but they haven’t done that! From the time I have spent with 4porn they seem to only use good sources for their videos. I never came across a site that felt like it was plagued by pop-ups or malware, so click around with confidence!

Attractive and easy on the eyes

One of the smartest moves that 4porn made was creating a site that utilized a black background with red trimming. As you probably can guess, most people do their uplifting at night after their normal 9-5 job (I have chosen to live off welfare instead of getting a typical job so I can spend my time uplifting goddesses, but not everyone has the courage to make this kind of sacrifice). Because of this, browsing around a porn aggregator with a bright background can be so blinding that it can cause you to flip backwards in your chair and be blinded from the light.

4porn uses a black background to keep this from happening. It also helps that the site uses red trimming to give it a bold, professional look that makes it feel like something special. It’s one of the best things 4porn has done on this site, and proves that they are forward thinking when it comes to considering the wants and needs of visitors!

Tons of videos on site

Though I am not sure how many videos are on 4porn compared to other porn aggregators, I will say that you are probably not going to run out of videos anytime soon. There are tens of thousands of videos on the site with more being added all the time. Browse with the confidence of ThePornDude, and take solace in the fact that there are new videos being added all the time.

PornGeek likes 4Porn

  • Large, detailed thumbnails at a high resolution.
  • Huge list of adult stars and categories to choose from.
  • Good sorting options.
  • Can translate 4porn to another language from the top of the homepage.
  • No slowdown when jumping from 4porn onto another source site.
  • Attractive and easy on the eyes.
  • Huge amount of videos to choose from.

PornGeek hates 4Porn

  • Not as many categories as other porn aggregators.