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Tranny Tube! Does anyone reading this think that men who watch tranny porn are gay? I’m here to dispel that notion. I for one love getting off these chicks with dicks, ladyboys, trannies or however you like to call them. It all started a few years ago when I stumbled across shemale porn and was fascinated by their feminine form even though they had the kind of dicks that should make me feel ashamed. Funny enough, I have never felt intimidated by their gigantic cocks. I actually find it hot when they wank themselves and fuck other girls.

Moreover, watching a beautiful shemale fucking a girl is quite incredible (at least to me). It is just like watching two lesbians playing with a Dildo. This doesn’t make me gay in any way, which is not saying there is something wrong with that. Actually, anyone who has nutted inside another man’s asshole is not a virgin, is he? They are all the better than me now that I think about it. I’m just an ordinary loser who sees shemale porn as just another way of fighting my sexual urges. ThePornDude would probably say that I have more chances to get a pussy venturing outside dark room. Sound advice, but I don’t feel like I’m ready to face more rejections.

Many porn tubes nowadays have a shemale category in their collection. But my quest for a site more dedicated to this niche brought me to If the first impression is anything to go by, you are in for a kinky, tranny ride. Before I give anything away, let’s jump right in and figure out why the site is pulling around 8 million views a month.

A huge wall of pornography

At first glance, looks like any other porn tube. The main page loads with mouthwatering thumbnails showing sexy shemale getting nasty with men, girls, and fellow shemales. However, the site employs the endless scrolling style and scrolling downwards just opens up more thumbnails. Needless to say, there is nothing wrong with that. Although some of the screengrabs look like straight porn. I know that’s my crazy mind playing games with me and all the ladies on the main page are actually packing some heavy schlongs. The huge tits and female faces drenched in jizz probably confused me.

One thing that stands out is the screengrabs are not arranged in any particular order. You will see a scene added a year ago next to one that was added 3 hours ago. That’s not a reason to panic, though. The site is indeed adding new scenes regularly, it’s only that they don’t seem to be parading the material in any particular order. But if like me you are here for the videos, you probably won’t care how they are arranged.

Just like in a regular porn tube, you can see the length, rating, and the number of views per scene even before you click play. The scenes with most views are normally the hottest otherwise they wouldn’t be pulling fap heavyweights in their droves. In any case, you can use the options on the top menu to sort the videos by popular, longest, and newest.

Playing the scenes at Tranny Tube

Nutting to these videos is straightforward. The site has a simple video player that allows you to stream the scenes without major issues. I had to deal with an ad suggesting shemales around my location looking to get fucked. I may not have been laid my entire life, but I’m certainly not looking to screw ladyboys from my area. I’d rather watch them going about their business from the safe confines of my room which is what happens when you get over the ads. The videos are only available for streaming, and the video player only allows you to go full screen, but below the video is a list of tags, the categories covered by the scene, duration, and date added. You can also comment below the videos without the need for a user account which is quite cool.

Awesomeness in diversity

From the top menu, there is a category tab that you should use to appreciate the variety of scenes here. Each category comes with the number of scenes with some like Cute and Big Cock packing over 30k scenes each. The list is extensive and covers niches like hardcore, crossdresser, cumshot, amateur, interracial, outdoor, POV, office, double penetration, handjob, and BDSM, among others. The categories also help you estimate the size of the archive here, and I was really impressed. There is no way of knowing the exact number of scenes, but there is enough to have me lock myself in my room until the apocalypse.

Simple, functional layout

Let me start by commending the site for being wise enough to present their wares on a black background. Now there is little chance of mom finding out about my filthy habits. The layout is cool although you kinda wish it wasn’t that big. It spreads the entire screen from corner to corner. However, there is a semblance of organization and the search engine on the top right should come in handy.

Next to the search feature is an upload button. This is something I should have mentioned earlier but now that we are here, it’s good to know the site accepts (and encourages) user uploads. There is a catch though; you will have to leave your username and email, but if you are looking to share your filthy stash with the world, that shouldn’t stand in your way. You can select the categories, pornstars, and tags to go along with your video(s). Perhaps even better the site is available in multiple languages, and you may use the flag icon on the right to choose from English, German, Russian, Spanish, and French among other options.

Apart from the aforementioned sorting options, others tabs on the main menu include pornstars, categories, and a unique History button that compiles the videos you’ve watched already. The rest of the buttons include live sex, dating, and HD porn but they all lead to some site called Keppler-37b which honestly sounds like the name of a planet from another galaxy than a porn site.

Tranny from all over the place

Like earlier mentioned, the bulk of the content on Tranny Tube is uploaded by random lovers of tranny porn, and they are sourced from multiple sources. Maybe the uploaders have permission from the sites to upload the content hoping the viewers will grab a membership to those sites. What this means for you the final consumer is you will have a truckload of shemale fuck flicks from pretty much anywhere on the internet. It could be piracy, but I’m guessing that will be the least of your worries as long as you get to crack one or two nuts. That said, you can expect the quality to inevitably fluctuate depending on the source of the videos.

Things that make Tranny Tube an attractive prospect

Loads of free tranny videos; if the prospects of watching the thousands of videos on this site for free is not attractive to you, then there is a problem.

Quality videos; this is by no means consistent throughout all the videos, but there is a huge chunk of flicks available in HD.

Constant updates; multiple new scenes are added to the archive with impressive regularity.

Huge variety; the collection of scenes here covers plenty of niches, and you will surely find something appealing to your tastes.

Possible concerns

Ads; the ads, especially on the video player, don’t make for a particularly pleasant experience.

No downloads; the videos are only available for streaming with no option to download or save them to a list of favorites.

How the site can improve

Tranny Tube has got the basics right as far as I can tell, but they should consider adding some personal info in the models’ individual pages. Currently, clicking on a pornstar only brings their list of videos and not an iota of information about them.

Final thoughts on Tranny Tube

It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, if you have a love (or are curious) for shemale porn, Tranny Tube should be your first stop. The site is full of thousands of hot shemale girls fucking other girls and men in what is a kinky taste of both worlds. The collection is free, so ultimately there is nothing to lose by trying out the site for some tranny fun.

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  • Huge variety

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  • Ads
  • No downloads