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The GF Network

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TheGFNetwork! I freaking love amateur porn! I mean, come on, who doesn’t? I can’t imagine meeting someone that just flat out dismisses homemade porn altogether. Sure, there are plenty of people who prefer professional stuff, and I guess I can respect that. I get it, Amateur porn can be a bit hit or miss, I’ll admit it. But, at the end of the day, nothing comes close to matching the rawness and realness of homemade porn!

Even if you aren’t typically an amateur porn watcher, I implore you to give it a go every now and then. I think that you’ll find it refreshing in contrast to all of the super fake, super staged premium professional stuff out there. There is just nothing like seeing a gorgeous teen girl truly enjoying pleasure on camera. When she’s not faking the orgasms because she doesn’t have to, and she just loses all control in a moment of passion. Now, that is what porn should be like! True lust cum to fruition.

Amateur porn is especially useful for a virgin like me, because it does help bridge that gap even further between reality and fantasy. Since the videos are often not super HD or 4K quality and nothing about it is staged or preplanned, it really helps me to imagine that I’m there. That it is my wiener she is sucking on with abandon. That I’m the one holding the video camera. Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m watching old home movies that I made with my girlfriend. Even though, obviously, I have never had a girlfriend, But, hey, that’s what’s so great about porn, right? It makes the impossible possible.

Believe it or not, I’ve made a few amateur videos of my own. Granted they are not with anyone … just me on my own. Some solo work, you know? Well, that’s not entirely true, I guess. I do have a few videos that I’ve made with Dolly, my sexy ginger sex doll. But she’s not a great actress. She just lies there and takes it. Even in amateur porn, there needs to be some kind of performance, even if it’s naturally spurred. So, those videos usually just end in me getting angry with Dolly, yelling at her to try harder. But she never listens…

I wonder if my hero, The Porn Dude has ever made any homemade flicks of his own. Oh, I bet he has tons of them. He’s so cool … how could he not? My guess is that he has a whole library of filmed trysts at home, maybe in an alphabetized bookshelf or something. Actually, it would probably make more sense to order them chronologically. I bet he films just about every girl he bangs. And, oh, he most certainly bangs a lot of girls. If only I could have access to that library, man, I could learn so much…

But I am nowhere near as cool as The Porn Dude. So, my library is full of videos of me fapping to videos that The Porn Dude suggested for me on his website. Save for, like I said, the occasional video of Dolly and me. Sometimes I like to watch my videos of me jerking off and jerk off to the memory of how it felt to jerk off to whatever video I was watching when I recorded.

It’s not all that different to why couples make homemade videos, right? To relive their high times? This is also how I critique and improve my masturbation techniques. I am probably the most efficient fapper there is. I can make myself jizz in 45 seconds flat. Although most of the time I don’t have much say in the matter, it just cums when it cums.

Real Amateur Teens, and Tons of Them

One of my all-time favorite amateur porn sites, though, has to be The GF Network. It’s one of those paid subscription amateur porn sites, and it specializes in homemade teen porn. And there’s nothing better than some amateur teen XXX to get me going, personally. With The GF Network, you get tons of it. More than maybe any other amateur teen porn site on the web. And that’s because it is not just one site, it is, as the name suggests, a network of teen porn sites, each one satisfying its own niche.

In fact, The GF Network is comprised of 34 unique sites, all for one price. Now, if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. That is a literal butt load of homemade teen porn. Especially considering the fact that many sites, especially homemade or amateur sites, only offer one monolithic site for your viewing pleasure. To have 34 times that surely makes it worth the money, right? Not only will you have access to sites that you have probably come across (and maybe even cum across) at one point or another, like Watch My GF and Me, GF Melons, and Me and My Asian, but it also includes lesser-known (but equally fappable) sites, such as My POV GF, Sluts with Phones, My Alternative GF, Step Bang, and My GF Likes it Big.

Really, just about any and every category you could think of gets covered in The GF Network. And all of it is legitimate, real amateur teen porn. Which brings us to the question of quality, since that is the most common issue that homemade porn tends to contend with. Let’s be blunt: there are going to be a few videos that are of lesser quality than what you might hope for on this site. Not in terms of the girls (all of them are smoking), but in terms of video quality. But, hey, that’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to homemade porn. These girls don’t have a professional budget or equipment or anything. And some of them are recorded webcam videos, which we all know can vary quite a bit in terms of quality.

Quality Porn, but the Site Needs to be Improved

But, video quality aside, the actual porn itself is always top-notch. The girls, like I said, are freaking gorgeous, and the videos are not what you might be used to seeing on sites like xHamster or Porn Hub’s amateurs (where you get 30 second or 1-minute clips) either. They are all long enough to get you off. Especially if, like me, you can get yourself off in 30 seconds or 1 minute. But even still, it’s nice to have a longer video. Because a longer video means more diversity in positions and situations to enjoy.

The site itself, however, could probably be a little bit better, at least in terms of design and functionality. When you log into The GF Network, for example, you are redirected to a rather confusing domain name: Amaland. I’m not sure what this is all about, or why they don’t just change it to The GF Network (it seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to do), but it is a little confusing. But, then again, it’s not going to ruin your experience of the videos by any means.

The site also, oddly enough, features no site menu bar. Just a box to the left of the page, allowing you to filter out the videos, as well as navigate to the different sites. View content here by selecting Newest, Random, Live Sex (presumably a cam site, but it didn’t work when I visited), GF Dating (a site called GF Hookups), DVDs (a third-party physical porn store called Spank Box), More Teens (links to other premium teen porn sites), Amaland Home (redundant because there is also a button marked “home” which does the same thing), and Discounts. So, really, when you break this down, the majority of what they’re offering here are thinly veiled ads. Not too crazy about that in a site that I’m paying for.

Below that, though, is a more useful section where you can quickly filter videos to only include a specific site in the network. You can also order how videos appear. Choose between Top Rated, Most Viewed, or Longest. The missing link, though, is the fact that A.) you cannot browse the site by category or tag (at least not outside of clicking into a video), and B.) there is no search function, let alone an advanced search. So, you’re left to your own devices when browsing The GF Networks plethora of content.

And there is a lot of it, too, which is to the benefit of The GF Network, for sure. But it’s hard to truly enjoy everything The GF Network has to offer without a means by which to easily search for what you’re looking for. So, you will never get bored, but you may spend a lot of time hunting the perfect video.

PornGeek likes The GF Network

  • Awesome amateur teen porn
  • Tons of videos and pics
  • Some community features
  • Constant updates
  • Downloadable videos

PornGeek hates The GF Network

  • Site design is lackluster
  • No search function
  • No tags/categories
  • Videos can be short