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PornW! In all my years of enjoying and reviewing porn, I’ve come across dozens of different types of porn sites out there. Normally when I feel like jacking off my mind goes straight to porn tube sites, because that’s the quickest way to get to any kind of animated or recorded smut so I can jack my good old 2-inch disappointment of a penis off to some hardcore action. At the end of every hard day, porn tube sites are here to support and love me without asking stupid questions like “How did you get in here?” or “What are you doing in the women’s locker room?”

But life can’t be all tube sites and dirty magazines. The internet has grown to include so many websites that serve to improve the way that we gather and consume online pornography. We simply need to do more than just log in, jack off and sign off. Sure, it’s easy to search for a specific niche or fetish through a search engine and land on some obscure website that offers a few hundred videos that are almost exactly what we’re looking for. But sometimes a man, or in my case a man-boy, needs a bit more than just smut on a platter. Sometimes we need to sample the entire compendium. That’s why when we need to learn more about all the porn websites that exist out there, we visit ThePornDude. And when we need to gather in one place to discuss and gather porn in one place, like comrades in arms, we go to Porn-W.Org.

The Great Library of Smut and Shame

ThePornDude has said before that Porn-W is one of the most impressive porn gathering forums on the web, and possibly the biggest compendium of cataloged smut out there. I completely agree with him on this, because Porn-W have been nothing but accommodating to me in those dark and lonely nights when I had not only a few minutes, but countless hours to spend researching various types of porn that I care about.

Personally, I’m really into Japanese hentai. I can’t think of anything hotter than a Japanese schoolgirl being violently penetrated by countless sentient tentacle monsters, while she’s hopelessly screaming for help. In my mind, that’s the hottest form of penetration that mankind has ever conceived of.

Usually, when I want to jack off to tentacle porn, I hop onto a tube site and jack off for about 20 seconds, because after all, I am a two-pump-chump. But one of those lonely nights I found myself fantasizing about tentacle porn long after the jacking, and I wanted to see what else was out there. I wanted to learn about all the tentacle porn that has ever existed. Where did it come from? How many videos are in existence? What are the different available qualities? And most importantly, where can I download the entire goddamn collection of every bit of tentacle porn ever made?

That’s how I originally discovered Porn-W and my life has not been the same since. This place is basically a library, built around a standard forum layout. People gather to document and link to every single bit of porn that has ever been produced. Every movie, every clip, every photoshoot will eventually rest on Porn-W with a handy thread post and link, and once in a while you’ll even find a gentlemanly discussion on the smut too. These guys really care about this content. It’s one of those pornographic places on the web where you don’t have to have a boner to enjoy yourself – but it helps. I swear, the entire website is like an homage to ThePornDude’s excellence. They really embody his spirit.

The Types of Smut

Porn-W has very few rules in place regarding what you can and should find within their threads. Apart from being very explicit about not sharing or discussing anything illegal, you’ll find damn near everything else.

There’s a great reverence here for collecting pornographic movies, going all the way back to ancient times, which to me are the 1960s. They will flat out record VHS tapes and DVDs that they’ve scoured the world to find, so that other people can enjoy them. They’re basically porn historians, making sure that no bit of smut will get lost to time.

They get together in these threads and title them appropriately, then have detailed and long discussions about the quality, the actresses featured in the movies and the directors that recorded them, so that you can very quickly find exactly what you are looking for, or discover something similar to what you were hoping to find.

On top of that, there are countless themed threads where the whole point is to find, gather and share porn that matches certain criteria. Say you wanted to jack off to cute girls, specifically. Girls with nubile bodies and adorable faces. Maybe you’re also a fan of small perky breasts and soft clean-shaven vaginas. You can find a thread, or alternatively start one yourself, on that specific preference, and scroll through for ages while the community scours the web to find their favorites within that particular niche. I rediscovered one of my old favorites, the legendary Ariel Rebel on one of these threads. I remember the days, way back in high school, when I’d tug on my peen so hard it would bruise like a peach, over and over again, all thanks to that legendary little fuck angel.

The Website

Porn-W is a very standard old school style forum. The top bar has nothing more than three textual buttons that read Search, Register and Login. The search option obviously lets you navigate the seemingly infinite halls of threads and posts, so you can find the exact type of discussion you need. The register and login lets you make a free account, instantly, with no strings attached, and absolutely no ads in between, so you can join in on the action.

Speaking of ads, there are none. It boggles the mind that what might just be the biggest porn compendium on the planet charges absolutely nothing to let you enjoy the infinite amounts of porn that the web has to offer.

Beyond that, the majority of the screen is reserved for the forum, the threads and the posts within. Your average thread runs really long, by the way. Take a random one I picked out of a hat, “Japanese Beautiful Girls Collection”. There are 133 pages thus far, and even though the thread is old, the latest post is not. The general idea here is that the threads will grow over time, every time someone finds relevant smut to contribute with. So you’re never going to have a reason to abandon Porn-W. You could even bookmark specific threads and keep coming back to them for more. It’s kind of like having an entire team of talented and devoted smut detectives that are working around the clock to find you more porn of a specific type that you enjoy, and you don’t even have to pay them anything. Hell, you don’t even have to interact with them at all, if you don’t want to. But be a dear and join them anyways, because these guys are super nice, and who knows, you might just make a friend.

My final note on the design is that it is very pink. I’ve said this before about a few other similar sites, but I like the pink tone of the site. Usually, it’s a very jarring color, but mixed with the plain white background, and centered on mostly textual posts with images, it works really well. It gives the site a very welcoming and friendly vibe. So it feels less like a porn cesspool and more like a dignified place of culture and intrigue.

In conclusion, if you like porn for more than 30 seconds a night, and you’d like to learn a bit more about your favorite fetishes, genres and pornographic cultures, hop onto Porn-W, make a free account and join in on the fun. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
As for the actual downloading of porn that you find on Porn-W, and uploading porn yourself, there are many pre-approved file sharing sites, presumably vetted for credibility and reliability, and there’s nothing especially wrong with them.

Still, I would much prefer to use torrents because that way the entire community could contribute to the continued distribution of the porn, on a peer to peer basis. But I’m guessing that because most of the active users find themselves uploading porn every day of their lives, torrents would completely choke out their internet connection, so a premium subscription to a file-sharing site might actually be a preferable alternative. Either way, most if not all the files on the site should be available for free, albeit at a reduced download speed. Either way, you’ll get to the smut in the end.

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  • Dedication to smut collection
  • Clean crisp design
  • Fast and friendly website
  • Amazing community

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  • Reliance on file sharing sites. Torrents are better, but alas…